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Join Indonesia’s first showcase across 5G, IoT, cloud and more

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DKI Jakarta, Indonesien
Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto No.Kav 18, Kuningan Barat, Kota Jakarta Selatan
Invite Only
What are success stories from operators from all around the world? How can you monetize your data investments? What steps can you take to enhance your customers’ experience? How can you accelerate your digital transformation? What value can 5G bring? From April 3 to April 5, Ericsson will address these key questions, demonstrate groundbreaking innovations and reveal consumer insights to further accelerate the country’s transformation towards a Digital Indonesia.

Register above to join us at Four Seasons Hotel, Jalan Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav 18, Jakarta, see the showcase of Indonesia first innovations and demonstrations across Networks, Cloud, IT, Internet of Things and Connected Industries. 

Ericsson will showcase the enormous growth opportunities for Telcos and Enterprises in Indonesia and the benefits for Indonesian people.

The Showcase is designed for individuals who have the roles of Marketing, Consumer Experience Management, Digital Transformation, IT, Technology. As part of the program, there will be focused seminars, with in-depth analysis and takeaways tailored to your priorities in these roles.

Innovating 110 years ahead in Indonesia

Ericsson, in collaboration with government, partners and customers, has been innovating for 110 years in Indonesia. We have been pioneering 1G; 2G, 3G and 4G and will continue to transform Indonesia towards to a truly Networked Society, as per Indonesia Government’s Digital Indonesia vision.


  • Showcase: Indonesia first innovations and demonstrations across Networks, Cloud, IT, Internet of Things and Connected Industries.
  • Realizing a Digital Indonesia: LTE Evolution to 5G and Business Transformation Ericsson will launch a ConsumerLab study for Indonesia as well as discuss innovative solutions that will accelerate Indonesia's journey towards digitalization- 5G, Cloud and IoT capabilities at forefront
  • Growth Codes: How successful operators from all around the world are monetizing their data investments and what does this mean for Indonesian operators
  • Digital Transformation: How does customer experience drive transformation? Best practices from operators all around the world and how to apply for Indonesia
  • Get Ready for Asian Games: How to provide superior user experiences for millions of people – at hundreds of events across an entire city? Over 1.4 million fans attended the 2016 summer games in Rio de Janeiro, sharing their excitement across the city at 144 venues and related sites. So how did operators manage this massive rise in demand for mobile broadband and still deliver a crowd-pleasing experience? In this showcase, you will find network performance and customer experience cases these key learnings for Indonesia to get ready for Asian Games
  • Powering The Digital Industrialization: Today’s organizations operate in a business climate of breakneck speed and continuous change brought about by the explosion of data, advanced analytics, Cloud, 5G and IoT. Top of mind for businesses is how to transform their IT operations so that they can respond to these changing market forces faster, and deliver customer value more effectively while ensuring competitiveness. We call this digital industrialization, and we invite you, as one of the most forward-looking businesses, to participate in the race. Why we need digital transformation, how to handle CIO challenges, and what to transform? This is what we will discuss at this session

Disclaimer: This event is by invitation only. Please register here and enter your company email address. Each company has a dedicated date and time for the event between 3-5th April. Ericsson will assess your registration request and if approved you will receive a confirmation email with the date and the time of the event by 30th March. If you have any questions, please contact ericsson.indonesia@ericsson.com.

Topics in focus


Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

DKI Jakarta, Indonesien
Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto No.Kav 18, Kuningan Barat, Kota Jakarta Selatan