Girls in ICT Day is on April 26 this year, but the Girls who Innovate competition runs longer! After concluding regional finals in mid-June, we are now ready to announce the global winners!

Girls in ICT - The Future is Hers

Since 2011, International Girls in ICT Day has been embraced by ITU members in 166 countries, with more than 9,000 celebrations involving over 300,000 girls and young women.

ICT gender parity

We’re dedicated to creating an improved gender balance in the ICT industry, and at Ericsson. In fact, we’ve set a goal for our workforce to be made up of at least 30% women by the year 2020; quite a stretch - perhaps even unrealistic - considering that we now are at 23% globally. The more diverse and inclusive we are, the more innovative and visionary will we be as a company, and we want to reflect the world around us. But there is still a long way to go. 

Because of stereotypes and discrimination, many girls don’t pursue interests in ICT. We aim to change that! By inviting girls to learn more about technology at a young age and encouraging them to investigate what a potential career within ICT would entail - we hope to attract many young, brilliant minds to the industry.

The Information and Communication Technology industry will be one of the fastest growing fields in the years to come, offering some of the highest paid and most exciting careers. We’re determined to open the door to a career in technology to as many young women as possible.

By celebrating Girls in ICT Day, we aim to empower the next generation of women to thrive in ICT!

Girls Who Innovate 2018, an Ericsson Innovation Awards competition

We believe that young women are incredible innovators! That’s why we’re hosting the Girls Who Innovate competition in celebration of Girls in ICT Day. Young Innovators aged between 9 – 18 can win job shadow days, blog features and a €1,000 USD prize for their ideas to use technology to change the future of education.

The submission phase ended late May. In mid-June we announced the regional finalists, and we are now ready to reveal the names of the global winners! Out of 276 complete submissions, representing 60 countries, we are now down to one global winner per age category.

The global winners of the 2018 competition:

In age category 9-12 yrs: “Recycle and Educate” by Kambinachi, 10 yrs 
In age category 13-15 yrs: “Future of Learning” by Sanvi, 13 yrs 
In age category 16-18 yrs: “AIVT – Artificial Intelligence based Virtual Teacher” by Risha, 17 yrs


Curious to learn more? You can find more information about this year’s competition here. And start thinking about next year! We will be back for sure, so keep an eye out for the next exciting theme to focus your attention on!



"Recycle and Educate"

Problem: Some children don’t have access to education because school is too far away and attending distance schools might be dangerous or too risky especially in conflict regions.

User: Some children can’t go to school due to insurgency and religious crisis happening in their community. The North East part of Nigeria as an example.

Solution: Old tablets can be given to children in these locations; learning takes place in the safety of their home or IDP camps. Classroom learning can be limited to days when security is assured. Communicating with tutors takes place via e-learning platform.

The Future of Learning

Problem: In today’s digital age, Education is still a global issue that needs to be on high priority. Education is the key to make life easier for those who are under privileged.

User: Everyone who is under privileged and deprived of basic education. I would like to solve the Gender in-equality and women empowerment in education.

Solution: Use 5G technology to convert all public places (Bus Stops, Recreational centers, Hoardings on Street light in to virtual class room. Create DIY Park in public places to allow practical learning. Create rewards for people for every course completion.

"Artificial Intelligence based Virtual Teacher"

Problem: Due to inequality, children worldwide have limited access to technology available. This crisis needs a resolution because it's become a barrier of progress for the future.

User: Some of the brightest minds are within poverty; however, their potential is untouched. This innovation will be the catalyst for their passion.

Solution: An inexpensive 5G virtual teacher that utilizes AI. With the fusion of AI and 5G, the device can interact with students, customize lessons suited to how each individual learns, and even adapt to kids with mental or physical disabilities.

In the age category 9-12-year-olds, the regional winners (and thus global finalists) are:

Regional winners Europe: Mar & Miriam (11 yrs)

Regional winner India: Fida (10 yrs)

Regional winner Americas: Marlene (11 yrs)

Regional winner Asia & Oceania: Ela (9 yrs)

Regional winner Middle East & Africa: Kambinachi (10 yrs)


In the age category 13-15-year-olds, the regional winners (and global finalists) are:

Regional winners Europe Manewa (14 yrs)

Regional winner India Lisa (13 yrs)

Regional winner Americas Sanvi (13 yrs)

Regional winner Asia & Oceania Ananya (15 yrs)

Regional winner Middle East & Africa Faizah (15 yrs)



In the age category 16-18-year-olds, the regional winners (and global finalists) are:

Regional winners Europe Hedda (18 yrs)

Regional winner India Layaal (18 yrs)

Regional winner Americas Risha (17 yrs)

Regional winner Asia & Oceania Deanna (18 yrs)

Regional winner Middle East & Africa Naomi (16 yrs)

Next steps? The Ericsson employees have been asked to vote for their favorite ideas per age category! The voting closes on June 25, and on June 27 we will publish the names of our global winners and their fantastic ideas.

We all have the power to help change attitudes and empower girls to reach their full potential. Want to share how you encourage girls to explore a future in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)? We’d love to hear it – post it on social media using #girlsinICT and #GirlsinCTRL.

If you are part of teaching or raising girls and young women, then you can have a major impact in introducing our talented children to ICT and STEM. Learn more about Ericsson and the ICT industry, by clicking here.