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Solutions to bring change to your business

We're helping digital enterprises worldwide govern, manage and orchestrate hybrid networks holistically and in real time, turning legacy networks into elastic infrastructures that are lightweight, programmable and endlessly adaptable.

Dynamic Orchestration

Fast forward towards zero-touch with next-level service automation.

The Automation Journey-Step 1

Dynamic Orchestration

Automate service launches now and be ready for the 5G/IoT era.

Expert Analytics

Leverage insights when they are most impactful.

Network Manager

Gain a unified network management capability across your networks.

Digital Transformation Webinar

Telecom digital transformation is underway: Embrace a winning strategy

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The case for change

Operate with digital agility

What Telefonica did to delight customers and reduce costs, making processes and organizations more responsive, automated, simplified and rationalized.

T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray discusses 5G and Analytics

T-Mobile announces the launch of 5G services in partnership with Ericsson and the deployment of Ericsson Expert Analytics.

Verizon discusses Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration

Verizon Senior Product Manager Amit Kapoor discusses why Verizon has chosen to work with Ericsson to create a new disruptive business model.

Combine insights with automation for superior business performance

As you introduce virtualized applications into your networks, automation is essential to scaling operations. Begin your journey to closed-loop, zero-touch operations with a programmable infrastructure based on real-time data and fit-for-purpose analytics.

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Verizon's Anoop Agrawal on software orchestration in a hybrid world

During the 2018 OSS/BSS User Group event in New York, Verizon's Anoop Agrawal, Head of Product Engineering for Virtual Network Services, met up with telecom industry thought leader Dez Blanchfield to discuss the new challenges for operators in tomorrow's hybrid world of both virtual and legacy networks. They also covered the expectations of enterprises looking to be first movers in the new market. Below are some highlights from the discussion.

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Network slicing orchestration—automation from design to assurance

Automation and the ability to customize enhances service performance and customer satisfaction. Orchestration enables the automation of creation and delivery of services. Network slicing is a mechanism that allows operators to offer customized services with shorter time to market. Ericsson presented a network slicing orchestration demo at SDN NFV World Congress and in this blog we will go through the benefits of implementing it in the network.

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DNA solves the customer experience challenge using Ericsson Expert Analytics

Recognizing that keeping and expanding its customer base is the key to succeeding in a highly competitive marketplace, Finnish service provider DNA took strong, decisive action to prevent it from losing customers due to a poor customer experience. The company implemented Ericsson Expert Analytics, an automated, big data analytics solution that's designed to help service providers improve their customer experience, network performance, and the overall perception of their quality of service in the marketplace.