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5G evolution and beyond

5G evolution will move us into an era of ubiquitous, high-capacity radio. Taking us to ever lower levels of latency and extensive Gbps capacity, 5G evolution will pave the way for highly intelligent haptic IoT technologies at hyperscale, leveraging new forms of vehicle-to-infrastructure, vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-pedestrian, and person-to-person connectivity.

5G is built for innovation and evolution. 5G is the most dynamic and flexible generation of mobile connectivity to date, leveraging cloud native applications and core. As a flexible radio interface, the era of 5G will be shaped by many evolutionary leaps within the standard, before we can even begin to look to the next generation. With exponential evolution of key technologies such as AI, automation and data capture, the pace of change will be relentless. This will ultimately determine what will happen next.


Latest trends and insights beyond 5G evolution

What awaits beyond 5G? Explore the latest trends and insights across 5G evolution and beyond.

Bring learning to life with Kings and new technology

Learn how intelligent society will broaden our education horizons beyond geographical limitations

Cutting production time in smart manufacturing

Discover how ultra-low latency is bringing new business value to manufacturing industries

Leveraging LTE and 5G NR for Fixed Wireless Access

Explore how broadband services will change under 5G


Reliable communications with mining technology

The future of mining is automated. Once seen as a hazardous and challenging operational environment, the tech revolution is set to dramatically shift our perceptions of the mining industry.

Accelerating connected transportation

Traffic is building up in cities throughout the world. Not only does this increase congestion and the likelihood of an accident, but it has a devastating impact on the environment. We believe mobile technology can help alleviate these problems and, together with Scania and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, are developing next-generation transportation use cases.

Manufacturing intelligence

Smart manufacturing is the next Industrial Revolution. 5G and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are enabling factories to seamlessly create a network of wirelessly connected machines and people that can instantaneously collect, analyze and distribute real-time data.

A new generation is awakening

Emerging applications such as 4K/8K video streaming, virtual and augmented reality and smart industry are hungry for higher bandwidth, greater capacity, security, and lower latency. Are you ready?

Make the switch to 5G