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Working for a sustainable future

When the United Nations launched the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, in 2015, we were there, leading our industry. Since then we have adopted the goals as the framework for measuring our impact on society. With expertise in ICT and a sustainability strategy incorporated into our business, we have a strong platform for making decisive advances. This is how we work with sustainable development—and with each one of the 17 SDGs.


ICT accelerates achievement of goals

ICT helps achieve global goals

An accomplishment of the global goals requires that existing and widely deployed technologies, as well as new solutions, are utilized. Mobile broadband has the potential to help achieve all 17 SDGs and, in some cases, accelerate achievement. Similarly, technologies like IoT, advanced robotics and AI, promise substantial gains across the entire global economy. Learn more in the ICT & SDGs report.

Working together for the world

Advocating for positive change

To address the global challenges, we take a proactive role in several high-level fora. We collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders to scale the impact of our joint programs and initiatives in areas like climate change, poverty, education, human rights and humanitarian issues.