AXE Enabler 1.0

    AXE Enabler 1.0 for fixed circuit-switched networks enables a wide range of revenue-generating telephony features for consumers and business users.

    AXE Enabler 1.0 is implemented in all network layers (local and transit exchanges, international gateways, signaling transfer points, service switching points and operator exchanges), enabling a single application system for the complete TDM network.

    As one of our long-standing products, AXE has evolved to include all of the functionality required by advanced and demanding operators. AXE Enabler 1.0 includes the latest hardware generation, AXE 810, which is fully compliant with EU environmental directives.

    Ericsson's AXE has been deployed in 145 countries, supporting 180 million lines, distributed over 6000 exchanges.

    Generate new revenue

    AXE Enabler 1.0 supports a full set of PSTN and ISDN services for the residential segment, and includes Business Group Communication software for advanced centrex functionality for the enterprise segment. With AXE Enabler 1.0, operators can introduce value-adding services, such as Contact Centers, to capture the outsourcing trend among enterprises.

    Optimize operations

    AXE Enabler 1.0 is highly suited for both network expansion and node consolidation. As an operator, you stand to gain from lower operational costs as dramatic improvements made to the platform's capacity, in-service performance, footprint and power consumption make it far more competitive than earlier versions.

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