Forever Evolving Experience

Are you ready to satisfy the most demanding TV consumer in history?


Forever Evolving Experience

Consumers are rapidly evolving their values and assumptions around the discovery, access, payment and experience of TV content. The definition of “experience” is broadening as the media industry loses exclusivity in shaping this to device manufacturers, social networks and app ecosystems.

The consumer of 2020 expects TV, film and gaming experiences to be integrated, accessible and tailored to their interests, devices and personal situations. Higher definition video, any-screen access, and personal interactivity and relevancy wrap seamlessly around premium content in a world where video connects with social media. Content owners and broadcasters must adapt programming formats, distribution rights and advertising models. TV service providers keen to maintain average revenue per user must adapt to consumers’ desires to pick a content mix to suit their own schedules, discover content in targeted ways, and find everything on anything – becoming the ultimate aggregator.

The Forever Evolving Experience reveals the road to 2020 and how consumers will drive change on the technology and business models of the media industry.

Visual content has broken out of the living room and into our daily lives
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