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Cellular for Massive IoT technologies are being standardized as part of 3GPP. Today the Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) functionality can be provided on Narrow-Band IoT (NB-IoT), Cat-M1 and Extended Coverage GSM IoT (EC-GSM-IoT) bringing major enhancements to low-cost and simplified devices with extended coverage and long battery life. The functionality is added by software and can also leverage other existing cellular network resources, such as service provisioning and billing for lower total cost of ownership. The licensed spectrum gives predicted performance, Quality of Service, for the lifetime of the IoT devices through Service Layer Agreements. The cellular for Massive IoT technologies are selected based on the use case requirements, the existing network technology and deployment scenario. 

“IoT is a great opportunity because it's being implemented in every industry vertical and it touches every product that people use daily. And we’ve started to see a trend toward cellular LPWA-first in our IoT business given its advantage of security, reliability and ubiquitous coverage.”

– Chris Penrose, Senior Vice President, IoT Solutions, AT&T Mobility

Cellular IoT

Massive IoT Solution

Ericsson Massive IoT solution is to address the emerging Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) market, meeting key requirement for low cost devices, extended coverage, and long battery life. The solution enables cellular networks to support applications such as Smart Cities, Smart Metering, Smart Agriculture, Logistics and Transportation, etc.

Massive IoT Radio Access Network

Cat-M, EC-GSM and NB-IoT are the 3GPP IoT solutions for operation in licensed spectrum first included in release 13. They are all capable of supporting the first wave of IoT use cases requiring 15-20 dB extended coverage as compared to today’s baselines GSM and LTE, +10 years battery life times and a low device cost.

Network Services for Massive IoT

Commercial IoT networks are now a reality, and our broad range of offerings for cellular technology is now complemented with Network Services for Massive IoT over LTE RAN. Create the best solution for Massive IoT with our complete set of services and products. 

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IoT Accelerator Platform

An IoT platform for rapid deployment, innovation and ecosystem collaboration

Ericsson Evolved Packet Core

Our widely deployed Evolved Packet Core solutions are designed to provide reliability and scalability, giving the flexibility needed to meet the growing demand for new services and expand into new markets.

Cellular IoT enables smart Factories

Enabling factory automation by applying the latest cellular IoT technology improves efficiency and results.

Empowering a smart society

With the ambition to make its Internet of Things (IoT) business objectives a reality, Dialog Axiata partnered with Ericsson to upgrade its network, resulting in the launch of South Asia’s first Massive IoT commercial network.

NB-IoT and LTE-M in the context of 5G - industry white paper

Read about how these 3GPP standardized LPWA technologies will coexist in the same networks as other 5G NR components.

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