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Today the region is a testbed for new discoveries yet again, as Ericsson has undertaken a variety of research projects with local partners, to trial new technologies in cloud, robotics and big data, all underpinned by 5G connectivity. These groundbreaking tests will pave the way for new services to flourish in medicine, transportation, industry and agriculture, enriching the life and culture that Italy is famous for.

Case studies

People taking a selfie

Exploring big data and 5G cloudification

Ericsson and Italian telecom operator TIM are working together to discover new and exciting 5G services and bring together the players that will enable them.

Port of Livorno

5G for port operations

Discover how Ericsson, CNIT and the Port of Livorno are considering ways to transform seaport communications by developing a connected port.

Industrial robots

Remote diagnosis and robotic assisted surgery

Two Tuscany-based companies are combining their research efforts with Ericsson to transform healthcare treatments and improve the lives of patients around the world.

Healthcare robot

Cloud robotics for industry and agriculture

In collaboration with the BioRobotics Institute and Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, Ericsson is exploring innovative uses for 5G cloud robotics.

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