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Cross Industry collaborations

All industries are transforming, rapidly digitalizing and mobilizing. In the 5th technological revolution mobility is becoming not only an opportunity, but a necessity. With our cross industry collaborations, there are unlimited opportunities for creating value, once all the pieces of the puzzle are in place.

ABB - Industry remote control

Industries will become more automated in the future, and dangerous tasks for humans can be run from a safe distance - potentially from very far away. Ericsson and ABB collaborate to determine how to make the most of 5G and cellular technologies in an industrial setting. Among the use cases we explore is industry remote control, and together we built a demo of robot remote control with haptic feedback.

Pilot for Industrial Mobile Communication in Mining

This project is set to improve productivity and safety in the mining industry, by harnessing 5G technology, which can accommodate the industry's very high requirements on latency and reliability. The mining industry pilot is a collaboration between Ericsson, ABB, Boliden, SICS Swedish ICT Telia Company and Volvo Construction Equipment. Its aim is to find solutions that can be applied in an industry that has traditionally been seen as having a hazardous and challenging operational environment.

5G for platooning

5G mobile networks will be a major enabler of auto industry transformation.
The next generation of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) will combine vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to off-board software (vehicle to infrastructure, or V2I) communications so that vehicles can operate autonomously and be controlled and monitored from cloud-hosted software.

We work with Scania – and as part of the Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL) activity, on a testbed to explore opportunities of improving urban logistics, both in terms of people transportation and freight.

5G for traffic management

Traffic management is the system that will make our transport system smart. We want to make an intelligent transport system to manage and proactively design traffic flows for a better transport services and traffic environment. To be able to create this connected, cooperative and automated traffic system we need 5G to handle this mission critical communications. So eventually it will be the bus catching you and not the other way around.

5G enabled manufacturing

A pilot production system for world-class spherical roller bearing manufacturing, making use of 5G technologies, will be developed at SKF's factory in Gothenburg. Wireless factory communication, ndustrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Mission critical cloud, Data analytics and sustainability are different aspects of this work, which aims to create a world class manufacturing system providing improved efficiency, increased flexibility and traceability. This collaboration is with SKF and Chalmers university.

Koordinierte Industriekommunikation (KoI)

The "Koordinierte Industriekommunikation (KoI)" project works on developing a wireless communication concept for industrial environments. Partners include Fraunhofer Research Institute, Weiss Robotics, WiseSense, RWFT University Aachen, and Paderborn University. KOI is an Industrie 4.0 project funded by the German federal ministry for education and research (BMBF).

Connected energy

The rapid growth of technology in the electricity sector challenges the current ways of working. Rooftop solar panels and elecrical vehicle charging are two examples that impact the electricity grid. The Connected Energy project will demonstrate how mobile network communication, sensors, cloud and data analytics can be used to support a more efficient use of the electricity grid. Project partners are ABB, Vattenfall, EoN, SICS and Ericsson.