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But it doesn't end there: industry transformation and IoT opens up whole new opportunities for operators to enter new value chains and partnerships, and step out of commoditization.

Differentiating offerings means that operators need to fuse network capabilities with value adding applications, and re-innovate their business models to monetize them.

Product launches

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Ericsson Data Analytics captures rise of the IoT

Embedded subscriber database analytics help operators improve internal efficiency and monetize data assets, while exploring new cross-vertical Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

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Wi-Fi calling for multi-device

Operator voice service coverage extended to millions of Wi-Fi-only devices such as tablets and personal computers.

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Telstra backs the Ericsson Diameter Signaling Controller

Telstra deployed the Ericsson Diameter Signaling Controller to build a robust and secure Diameter signaling network. Learn about Telstra’s experiences and use cases in this video.

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How we can support differentiated services creation

In the Networked Society, plans and bundles of yesterday will no longer be enough to earn customers' loyalty. They want something different, surprising and personalized for them. Differentiating offerings means that operators need to fuse network capabilities with value adding applications, and re-innovate their business models to monetize them.


It’s more important than ever for operators to recognize how they can differentiate through their offering and the customer experiences they deliver. With the capabilities you can explore in this section, Ericsson believes that operators can turn legacy networks into versatile eco-systems.

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Network slicing & SDN

The right network access or App Coverage is certainly required to evolve service offering, but operators also need to secure their position by building a network platform agile enough to support differentiated service performance on demand and end-to-end. We see this platform establishing slices of the network to efficiently cater to different use cases, and this is called Network Slicing.

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Enriched communication services

Users continuously seek new, innovative services and will prefer operators who excel at bringing new attractive offers to market quickly. Our studies repeatedly show that it's possible for operators to figure out which services matter the most locally and heighten those key performances, leading to success in terms of customer loyalty rankings and growth.

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Open networks with APIs

Partnerships, if not ecosystems, are essential in the Networked Society, as no player will be able to be everything to everybody. For operators, it is important to differentiate with their own unique services but also to expose network capabilities to partners who can play a role in further value creation. Some operators will go further and foster developer ecosystems as well.

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Service awareness

The network platform should also be able to analyze the network data flows and adjust resources to the actual needs, in real time. And finally, control mechanisms are needed in the platform to steer network resources, which are software-defined and fully programmable.

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All-IP infrastructure

In order to fully manage the network wide capacities to deliver on service performance demands, from low latency to high bandwidth, an all-IP infrastructure is fundamental. IP enables efficiencies through all parts of the network, from radio access and transport to the core of the network. An IP core network based on IMS allows operators to offer innovative and performance-assured services.

Trends and insights

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Operator service exposure – enabling differentiation and innovation

To stay relevant and drive growth in the Networked Society, operators need to change how they do business and serve customers. One essential element in this transformation is service exposure.

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Building robust signaling networks – meeting the challenges of the rising signaling storm

Operators are facing increased challenges affecting the performance of the signaling network, while consumers increasingly expect high availability from communication and data services. Network failure scenarios can trigger a massive amount of signaling – a signaling storm.