Ericsson Studio: a whole new experience

Categories: Corporate Industry Technology

Are you ready to experience something new? Are you ready to experience the future? Well, we are ready to engage with you, as from August 31 we proudly unveil the Ericsson Studio. We think it’s going to be a big hit – and so do our customers.

Experience centers are important parts of customer and VIP visits for all major ICT companies. But our new Ericsson Studio goes beyond what you might expect by providing an all-in-one educational, collaborative, engaging and innovative space to open minds and promote dialog.

Yes, we feel proud. But don’t just take our word for it. A delegation from US operator Sprint was among the first to tour the Ericsson Studio at Ericsson’s headquarters in Kista, Sweden, prior to the studio’s official opening.

Steve Elfman, Sprint’s President of Network Operations and Wholesale, said he felt innovated, educated and "very inspired" after the tour.

He feels certain that the Ericsson Studio will become an "absolutely essential" facility for operators to learn about Ericsson’s capabilities and expertise in areas they may not be familiar with.

"In my opinion, a lot of innovation happens outside of the operator," Elfman says. "We are an enabler in our network (and) we have capabilities in our network, but we need partners like Ericsson to provide the environment for us to innovate.

"(The Ericsson Studio) is important because the changing dynamics now in what we think of as mobile is much more than just the device, the phone. Because of that, we need to be able to see where Ericsson belongs in this ecosystem and actually (understand) the ‘glue’ that they are trying to be in bringing all the ecosystem partners together.

"(Ericsson) can help us all understand how we can monetize, and how we can all work together."

Elfman says expertise and engagement with vertical segments such as healthcare, the automotive industry and government were among the most surprising and educative elements of the tour.

"It is inspiring because of the changing landscape in mobile," he says. "When you come here you start thinking about those ideas - ’How am I going to work in automotive, in healthcare, or more with the government,’ as opposed to thinking about ‘What is the next phone that I am going to put on the network?"

Feedback from other major customers has been equally positive, with the Ericsson Studio being praised as a venue to encourage dialog, debate, exploration and innovative discussion, rather than a facility for Ericsson to simply present offerings to customers.

Without revealing what’s in store for visitors, Ericsson’s Vice President of Marketing, Johan Bergendahl, explains the thinking behind the studio, which has a warm and welcoming design: a mix of modern furnishings, color and lighting.

"We want to be able to show all of Ericsson’s capabilities in one place, and combine that with conference facilities, demos and exhibitions,” he says. “The Ericsson Studio makes it easy for us and our customers to see everything, and really sense the breadth and depth of Ericsson."

The Ericsson Studio is a living think tank for us. It is where we will meet with you to listen and discuss what is most important, so that we create an exciting future together.