Need more bandwidth and speed? You need LTE.

    2010-11-08 Categories: Industry

    3G unlocked the door to multimedia content via mobile broadband. End users around the world were, and remain, impressed by its capabilities. But now LTE is kicking that door wide open. Can you imagine what that means for end users and operators? Hear Thomas Norén, Ericsson's Head of LTE and Amrish Kacker, Senior Partner at analysts Analysys Mason, explain the technology and outline its potential.

    Norén and Kacker explain that increases in end user demands for bandwidth-hungry content inevitably mean that networks must evolve. Ericsson's answer is LTE. Norén refers to the two forms of LTE – LTE-FDD and TD-LTE – and how a lot of operators' existing network hardware architecture and software are usable when upgrading to LTE.