Smart pipes make the difference

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Smart pipes make the difference
In the new cloud-based mobile broadband world, delivering high-quality, rich and differentiated services from server to screen is the name of the game.

Mobile broadband requires pipes that are not only fat, but also smart. Smart pipes are fundamental for providing screen-to-server differentiation in a cloud-based ecosystem and demand much more than just excellent devices and network equipment. They also require a range of tools and services to be included in everything from the network-policy controller, through the Operational and Business Support Systems, to network planning and design, and integration and optimization.

The speed and quality of the connection are becoming as important as the price, devices, services and applications associated with it. Quite simply, smart pipes will be an important differentiator for our customers and Ericsson is one of the very few vendors – perhaps the only one – that has screen-to-server systems, expertise and experience across every aspect of mobile-broadband connectivity.

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