Your app can make the big time

    2011-08-29 Categories: Recognitions & Awards, Technology

    Got a great Android app? The Ericsson Application Awards give you and your team the opportunity to make a splash in the app industry, get an instant and impressive contact network and win EUR 15,000. Sound good? Read on…

    The awards, now in their third year, have helped dozens of developer teams get a great start in the business. You can get a good idea of the benefits from this blog entry by this year’s winners, HipSnip.

    With two categories, one for students and one for small and medium enterprises (under 100 employees), this year’s competition is based on the theme "Apps for the Networked Society". The Networked Society is an Ericsson vision targeting a combination of mobility, broadband, the cloud, applications and services for an empowered society.

    Tommy Arngren, project manager for the Ericsson Application Awards, says the awards give entrants exposure, recognition and contacts within the telecom industry.

    Teams need to develop an application based on the Android platform (web or native) that addresses the theme and makes use of at least one Ericsson Labs API. These include areas such as Mobile Location and Text To Speech.

    The competition also has two optional preliminary mini-challenges, in September-October and November-December. For the main competition, teams have to be registered by February 1 with the final deadline for all entries on February 28.

    • There are several prizes in each category:

    • First place: EUR 15,000 and phones from Sony Ericsson

    • Second place: EUR 10,000 and phones from Sony Ericsson

    • Third place: EUR 5000

    • Fourth and fifth place: honorary diplomas

    For more information visit the Ericsson Application Awards 2012 website.