Danish TV 2 used LTE for live coverage during national elections

    2011-09-22 Categories: Industry

    Satellite trucks were given a night off from TV 2, as the Danish public service TV station used LTE to provide its crucial coverage of the country’s national parliamentary election night. It is the first time a media station extensively used a public telecoms solution for high-quality live broadcast content.

    Danes elected a new parliament September 15. As four teams from TV 2 moved between party headquarters, Parliament House and celebration sites, they used standard off-the-shelf LTE terminals to upload interviews to the tv-station, which in turn broadcast the content live to viewers on their channel.

    The solution is provided by operator TDC, on the network supplied and managed by Ericsson. Jacob Larsen, Senior Vice President of Technology Operations for TDC, said: “By using the mobile network, the broadcaster has lower expenses and more freedom for their coverage in many locations during a high-profile event.

    "This is symbolic of the maturity and potential of LTE. When the see the latency, it’s just amazing. 3G was good, but this high-performance bandwidth gives businesses so many more opportunities to bring good video services to their customers," Larsen continued.

    Getting close to the story on the motorbike with a camera hooked up to LTE

    For a public service TV station such as TV 2, an election night is very important. TV 2’s News Director Michael Dyrby said: "The viewers deserve the best coverage, and therefore TV 2 has done everything to secure the best result – the 4G-solution helped to make it a great TV night."

    Morten Brandstrup, Head of News Technology for the station, said: "Our reporter teams used motorbikes and with a backpack solution, we were able to transmit back to the studio with a livestream.

    "We got all the mobility that we wanted and were able to go anywhere in the city and transmit good quality back to the studio. It was really a unique situation."

    Ericsson and TDC announced their LTE cooperation in late 2010. Ericsson is sole supplier and provides managed services for TDC.