HD voice: now you can see what we’re talking about

    2011-10-25 Categories: Industry
    HD voice: now you can see what we’re talking about

    Subscribers and businesses the world over can now instantly recognize which operators and devices have high-definition (HD) voice services thanks to the universal acceptance of a new GSM Association- (GSMA) endorsed logo.

    The GSMA’s Chief Architect, Ian Pannell, says the association worked with companies across the mobile ecosystem to create and support the notion of a single HD voice logo.

    "It will become a universally recognized symbol for HD voice-enabled devices and services," he says. "Consumers can trust that devices and services bearing the HD voice logo offer voice communications with the highest quality natural sound and improved intelligibility."

    Jan Derksen, Head of Technical Marketing at Ericsson’s Business Unit Networks, says the universal logo should be a key driver in increasing HD voice uptake and extending the global footprint.

    "The logo is a great example of how the GSMA and the operator community have come together to put subscribers first," he says. "It will create common knowledge among subscribers and potential subscribers about high-quality voice services, regardless of where they live in the world. Put simply, as HD voice services’ uptake continues to grow, everyone will know exactly what is on offer from operators using this logo. That is actually a great reassurance factor for subscribers – to know that they can trust the services being offered and they are getting exactly the same as people in other parts of the world."

    And there is no doubt that HD voice is becoming increasingly attractive to operators globally – again driven in part by the reaction from subscribers, who are already enjoying the benefits of the technology. More than 30 operators now offer HD voice services and more devices are being designed with the offering in mind. Ericsson offers HD voice solutions for fixed networks, GSM and WCDMA, with plans to launch offerings for CDMA and LTE networks.

    "Uptake is continuously increasing, and we expect that trend to continue as more devices that support HD voice as default are released onto the market," Derksen says.

    He says the logo also provides operators with the perfect platform to market HD voice to those subscribers currently unaware of the service and its benefits.

    "Consumers won’t know that they want something better if they don’t know it exists," Derksen says. "The industry now needs to do all it can to let consumers experience HD voice. When they hear it, they will definitely want it."

    Benefits to operators include increased customer loyalty and reduced churn.

    The current status of the HD voice market, and its growth potential, will be outlined by Ericsson during a free Light Reading webinar on October 25. Global operator Orange will also address the event, outlining its experiences of launching HD voice services in different markets. Further information, including a link to register, is available at the Ericsson Events page: Light Reading seminar: HD voice – the next level of voice quality in mobile networks.

    HD voice is also the subject of a new Ericsson white paper called "HD voice – it speaks for itself." Derksen was a contributor to the publication.