Extreme Project: Covering continental Russia

    2012-03-28 Categories: Case stories

    How do you install more than 8,000 sites across the world’s largest country in just 14 months?

    Thousands of sites. Nine time zones. Some of the harshest tundra environments on earth. Upgrading Russian operator MTS’s network to the latest 3G technology is certainly no ordinary assignment.

    Ericsson’s creativity and teamwork would be pushed to the limits in the race to install up to 600 sites a week in temperatures of -50C°. And thanks to superior project management, total commitment and industry-leading technology and services, Ericsson not only ensured a great mobile broadband experience for subscribers in every part of Russia, but once again proved that extreme projects are our everyday reality.

    How far do we go? We go to extremes.

    Sometimes Ericsson and its customers have to overcome seemingly impossible challenges in their day-to-day operations. From ensuring continuity of service to millions of subscribers throughout a network transformation to a network rollout in the wilderness, it takes a strong partner to deliver when it counts. Covering continental Russia, bringing 3G to the heart of the Amazon or handling a world record roll-out for Vodafone in India are all examples of our everyday reality. Watch our new Extreme Project videos and be inspired by what’s possible.