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Leading the way: 5G hero shares insights

Important milestones in 5G research and development have been reached and standardization efforts are underway. We are working closely with key partners and their dedicated teams in order to get ready for the commercial launch of the next generation's mobile technology. Meet the 5G heroes and learn about the tests and trials being conducted through collaborative efforts.

NTT DOCOMO - 5G hero changing the world

"5G will result in new business models and new ecosystems across industries."

Seizo Onoe, Chief Technical Officer at NTT DOCOMO

In August 2016, we had the opportunity, and the great pleasure, to get together with our partner in Japan. We visited the 5G laboratories of NTT DOCOMO and their R&D Department in Japan.

Connectivity will never be the same again

We asked some of the key people involved in the evolution of this technology to tell us a bit more about their work, their expectations and the importance of 5G.

And they shared their visions, ranging from the design of the radio interface and the insights they gained, and the technical progression to the implementation aspects that hold the keys to success for 5G.