Ericsson Cloud Core Policy Controller

Cloud Core Policy Controller is the commercial realization of a centralized policy controller for 5G and legacy networks

Cloud Core Policy Controller (CCPC) implements the centralized policy controller in the 5G network. It includes 3GPP PCF functionality plus a number of added value features.  CCPC provides the tools to optimize the service delivery settings dynamically to fulfill the commercial service requirements and deliver the expected Quality of Experience.

CCPC includes different kind of policies: session-management policies, access policies, mobility policies and UE policies.

CCPC allows operators to deploy dual mode EPC/5GC policy control service resource selection (PCF/PCRF) with single O&M and orchestration.

More efficient network

  1. Flexible deployment of NFs adapted to customer’s needs
  2. Flexible DB implementation. Specialized session data base. Possibility to use UDSF
  3. Most flexible policy engine. More than 5000 policies without new coding need
  4. Most efficient integration with Charging (CHF)
  5. PCF-UPF SBI to allow direct control of the UP

Ease of use to reduce the operating costs

  1. 1.Ericsson Core Policy Studio, Ericsson Core Policy Studio provides one single point of touch for policy management in policy and slice control functions. Cutting edge UX allowing one single point of touch
  2. Same operation and management interfaces along Ericsson 5GC

Seamless network 4G/5G

  1. Dual mode, including PCRF together with 5G PCF product
  2. End to end expertise for efficient policy creation. Access and Mobility policies implementation experience in legacy networks.

Automation. More intelligent decisions

  1. Adaptative policies. AI module within policy engine to assist on policies execution
  2. Closed loops

High scalability, resilience and integrability

  1. Business logic separation from data allowing independent scalability
  2. N+k redundancy ensuring N working nodes at all times even with k nodes failing
  3. 3GPP Interoperability with no interference with unique value
  4. Flexible integration with other vendors via extensible interfaces

New business models

  1. Capabilities Exposure. Use of plug-ins for quick adaptation to 3rd party needs boosting new business opportunities
  2. Early NEF-PCF PoCs

Ericsson is the leader in Policy Management

Ericsson's policy management market leadership has been recognized by leading industry analyst Current Analysis in their most recent evaluation of the Policy Management market.

As their report says: “The Ericsson Service-Aware Policy Controller (SAPC) is a leader among compared policy control solutions. Ericsson’s SAPC includes extensive wireless access network and backhaul integration in addition to the company’s own online charging system (OCS)/offline charging system (OFCS), policy control enforcement function (PCEF)/deep packet inspection (DPI) and subscriber data management (SDM) products. These capabilities provide the SAPC with an unparalleled IP network reach supported with strong 3GPP interface compliance and wide, although unnamed, third-party interoperability credentials. Ericsson continues to optimize its policy assets to provide high availability and carrier-grade end-to-end support for VoLTE services and NFV/cloud adoption. Over 200 customer engagements validate Ericsson’s technology, providing the company with deep experience and ongoing exposure to the evolving requirements of the policy control market.”

A copy of the aforementioned report can be acquired directly with Current Analysis