Ericsson Composition Engine

Create innovative new services and share key assets to open new revenue streams with Ericsson Composition Engine, part of the Ericsson Service Enablement suite.

Ericsson Composition Engine Overview

Competition and rising consumer expectations demand that operators offer innovative, value-added services. Subscribers expect these services to be easy to use, personalized and integrated seamlessly with the latest mobile devices. As competition is stronger than ever, operators must deliver the experiences consumers want. A major requirement of meeting these expectations is the ability to share valuable network and business assets with partners. 

Operators can use Ericsson Composition Engine to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy readily off-the-shelf services from Ericsson Converged Service Studio and third parties. A major part of the Ericsson Unified Service Exposure solution, Ericsson Composition Engine drives new revenue streams by exposing key assets and policies that power innovation across a range of M2M services.

What is Ericsson Composition Engine?

Part of our Service Enablement Platform, Ericsson Composition Engine is an open and versatile service delivery platform. Operators can use it to quickly create and combine breakthrough services using service components, regardless of vendor or access technology.

Key features include:

  • Service Exposure. Efficiently expose network and business assets to generate new revenue streams, including for connected vehicle and M2M service enablement applications.
  • Service Capability Interaction Manager. Quickly compose new applications from existing service components.
  • Service Creation and Composition. Create and orchestrate new applications or service components.

Why Use Ericsson Composition Engine?

Ericsson Composition Engine provides the flexibility needed to quickly and cost-effectively create innovative new services internally and with partners.

This flexible service delivery platform enables:

  • Superior user experience. Provide a wealth of personalized and exciting value added services.
  • New business models. Expose and monetize assets to create new revenue streams.
  • Innovation. Stimulate innovative applications, products and services by making it easy for partners to access and benefit from valuable assets.