Ericsson Enterprise Core

Provides mobility and secure data connectivity to industries and enterprises.

Ericsson Enterprise Core enables standalone data connectivity for industries and enterprises, solving the mobility needs of a wide range of sectors from public safety and mission-critical IoT to transport and utilities.

Ericsson Enterprise Core provides mobile data/Private LTE connectivity with enhanced levels of security, performance, latency and personalization that can be tailored to different industrial use cases.

Each industrial sector has very different requirements, from low latency, high-performance and QoS for mission-critical machine type of communication, e.g. in M2M remote operations, to 100% uptime connected mobile video surveillance for first responders, e.g. Public Safety, or for property protection.

The transportation sector has a huge variety of applications, from airports, ground staff communication, CCTV, security solutions, telemetry services, etc, to harbors, including off-shore connectivity.

Enterprise Core enhances levels of security, latency, redundancy, personalization, and a sustainable cost structure for enterprises. This is mainly enabled by utilising 3GPP technologies such as LTE, which provides standardised technology with high reliability.

Benefit 2
Enterprise Core provides operators with new revenue opportunities by addressing high value enterprises with critical communication needs, such as ports, mining, military facilities, public safety, energy sectors enterprises, manufacturing, etc.

Benefit 3
Enterprise Core is a validated box-based vEPC+UDM+EDA deployment and also part of Private LTE solution. This enables fast and solution-view deployment.

In order to increase speed and efficiencies for its customers, Ericsson offers two options: a locally system integration project and a pre-validated Enterprise Core through Private LTE deployment. Private LTE deployment provides delivery materials that include pre-defined templates such as High-Level Design (HLD), Low-Level Design (LLD), Statement of Work (SOW), and CAST.

Detailed Information

The documents Technical Solution Description and Technical Presentation can be found in the Delivery site. Select the latest revision

Ericsson Enterprise Core 2.1 Validated Knowledge Available (VKA) was reached on September 27, 2018, based on the following VNF baseline:

- vEPG 1.10
- vMME 1.19
- vSAPC 1.2.0
- vHSS 1.19
- vCUDB 1.11
- EDA 1 May-18
validated on CEE 6.6.1 / HDS CRU 01 2 x 18 core / Dell R640 / Dell R630

(Updated 2018-09-27)

Enterprise Core Service Offering

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