Ericsson Multiservice Delivery Platform

The Ericsson Multiservice Delivery Platform is a business platform enabling customer interaction over digital channels, this is the final release as the product is in Phase Out. New sales is only available, after Product Management approval, for cases where it is a supporting component in a Unified Service Exposure solution. Ericsson Multiservice Delivery Platform 16 is available for sale based on both Pay as you Grow and Term Based price model.


Multiservice Delivery Platform is a scalable node based system with out-of-the-box End to End capabilities ready to deliver services to end users from day. It is also, through use of its collection of public APIs and adaption points, easily integrated into an existing multivendor IT, OSS and BSS infrastructure. Pre-integration to Ericsson nodes such as Charging System and Charging and Billing in One is done using a flexible framework is based on the same philosophy with public APIs and adaption points.  Following is the only use case supported in New Sales.
B2B Storefront

Commerce and partner management in Exposure Solutions

Ericsson Multiservice Delivery Platform Overview

Fast-changing market dynamics demand that operators provide a superior experience at every turn. This includes delivering services that are easy to use, personalized and available on every device.

Ericsson Multiservice Delivery Platform offers the necessary tools to quickly enter new markets. Whether that’s pursuing an M2M opportunity in a new vertical or capitalizing on the cloud ecosystem developing around the connected vehicle. Ericsson can help you target specific audiences, put the user in control and deliver customized offerings. This commerce and service delivery platform makes it easy to introduce new offerings on any screen without the need to invest in new technology. As a result, it can open new revenue streams and drive growth initiatives.

What is Ericsson Multiservice Delivery Platform?

Part of our Service Enablement Platform, Ericsson Multiservice Delivery Platform supports the creation and ongoing maintenance of branded marketplaces that attract and keep customers.

Ericsson Multiservice Delivery Platform comprises powerful value packs for B2B and B2C implementations, and it includes Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud, which lets you support automotive ecosystem partners and open new revenue streams. Other value packs include:

  • Storefront. Present and monetize personalized digital content, promotions and services on any screen.
  • Personal Home. Encourage loyalty and usage with personalized service portals.
  • Self-Care. Upsell services, reduce support calls and lower churn by putting consumers in control. Help your users better manage spending by offering better visibility into service costs and usage.

Why Use Ericsson Multiservice Delivery Platform?

Ericsson Multiservice Delivery Platform puts your subscribers in control and enables access to your offers on any screen. If you’re pursuing new opportunities across M2M, Internet of Things or the connected vehicle, rely on a proven solution that has been deployed across five continents.

Use Ericsson Multiservice Delivery Platform to:

  • Increase loyalty. Present rich, convenient and personalized offers on any screen.
  • Reduce customer support. Give users better control over their services and spending by offering self-care capabilities.
  • Boost revenues. Support mobile marketing activities with targeted advertising.
  • Speed time to market. Drive usage and uptake with innovative services that are easy to create.
  • Diversify offerings. Easily establish and manage content provider partnerships.