Ericsson Broadband Network Gateway

The Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) is a subscriber management system that provides the means by which residential wireline subscribers connect to broadband services provided either by the wireline broadband network operator (retail services) or through an Internet Service Provider (wholesale services).

Ericsson's BNG is supported on the SSR 8000 family and Router 8801 edge routers. The BNG establishes and manages subscriber sessions, aggregates subscriber traffic and routes it to the network of the service provider.

The BNG provides the following functions:

  • Establish secure subscriber sessions between the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and the broadband services
  • Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) of subscriber sessions through the AAA server
  • IP address assignment through the DHCP server or local IP pools
  • Policy management
  • Quality of Service (QoS) and Hierarchical QoS with TM (Traffic Manager)
  • High touch inline services
  • High availability providing both intra and inter-chassis redundancy

A service provider's revenue comes from the edge of the network. The BNG is a key network component that ensures such revenue. Ericsson is an established leader in subscriber management chosen by 75% of the leading operators and by over 360 customers worldwide.

Highly scalable and performant BNG implementation

  • Outstanding BNG scalability and setup rate for all type of subscribers
  • Multi-million FIB/LFIB/RIB capacity with high routes and labels download rate
  • Tailor made in-house routing stack and AAA infrastructure

All type of subscribers with inline high-touch services

  • Support for PPP Termination Architecture (PPPoE, LAC/LNS/LTS) with in-line(on NPU only) termination
  • Support for Connectionless IP Sessions (CLIPS) with DHCP, Static and Non-DHCP(Packet triggered) initiation with in-line(on NPU only) termination
  • Dual Stack support for all type of subscribers with stateless(ND) and stateful(DHCPv6 Prefix/Address) modes
  • Inline termination of subscribers over MPLS services (VPWS,VPLS), VXLAN and L2TPv3 encapsulations
  • Advanced high-touch services at full subscribers scale (H-QoS, RSE, HTTP Redirect, PBR, RFlow, NAT)

High end QoS capabilities leading to outstanding QoE

  • Hierarchical QoS capabilities with 5-level Rate-Limiters and Shapers
  • Hardware offloaded TM(Traffic Manager) with full queue support at maximum subscriber scale
  • Per session and per destination accounting with powerful RADIUS Service Engine (RSE)

Centralized, distributed and virtualized deployments

  • Smart Services Router 8000 Product family is Multiservice Edge Router with wide L2L3 capabilities optimized for centralized MSER/BNG architecture
  • Router 8801 is Multiservice Edge Router with wide L2L3 capabilities optimized for distributed MSER/BNG architecture
  • Virtual Broadband Network Gateway is Virtualized Network Function with flexible MSER/BNG architecture options (Centralized, Distributed, Cloud).

SDU Contacts

Arindam Ghosh (Global)

Product Introduction and Deployment Support and Tier2 Support (PIDS/T2)

Reiner Muitjens (MANA)

Andreas Steinmetz (MELA)

Hardik J Tankaria (MOAI)

Ravi Ashvin Divecha (MMEA)

Arindam Ghosh (MNEA)