Ericsson Cloud Manager

Turn the cloud into a source of operational efficiency and service innovation with Ericsson Cloud Manager .

Ericsson Cloud Manager Overview

Operators are looking at how the cloud paradigm and virtualization could help them deliver and operate services at the lowest cost possible -- without compromising quality. However, cloud management requires a structured, disciplined approach. This cloud management approach must automate and orchestrate provisioning processes, and it must also be capable of coordinating virtual resources in the context of complex, dynamic systems that require resource access control and service quality management.

Ericsson Cloud Manager makes cloud management easy. Its software enables operators to automatically change the makeup of the network and data center infrastructure to conform to the more dynamic lifecycle and transient nature of newer services. It extends the cloud beyond the typical compute, storage and application resources to include network resources. This makes it easier to involve one or more data centers and any other intelligent nodes residing in the network.

What is Ericsson Cloud Manager?

Ericsson Cloud Manager is a cloud management system that handles the life-cycle management of virtual applications, i.e. on-boarding, instantiation, configuration, assurance and application adjustments. It also enables the creation, orchestration, activation, and monitoring of services running on virtualized IT and programmable network resources at consistent levels of quality. With Ericsson Cloud Manager, cloud resources are no longer confined to a single data center, but rather are spread throughout the network, to help improve both internal operations and service quality. In the context of ETSI NFV-MANO, Ericsson Cloud Manager plays the role of NFV orchestrator and generic virtual network function manager. Ericsson Cloud Manager features include:

  • Self-Service Portals. Provides on-demand control to the operator, tenants, and end customers.
  • Catalog. Brings consistency to service definition and modification, as well as to the business rules driving orchestration.
  • Orchestration. Coordinates automated processes and manual tasks to provision services.
  • Configuration Management Database. Consolidates network data for a comprehensive understanding of the virtual resources at both the physical and logical levels.
  • Activation. Manages both legacy (physical) and virtual resources while supporting multiple hypervisor technologies.
  • Analytics. Optimizes workloads and resource utilization.
  • Security. Supports privacy, regulatory laws, and resiliency against cyber attacks.
  • Assurance. Manages the health of virtual resources and data center infrastructure.

Why use Ericsson Cloud Manager?

Ericsson Cloud Manager enables you to realize revenues from new services as well as cost savings from more efficient operations – even for existing services. This cloud management system provides the speed, agility, and accuracy you need to deliver higher levels of innovation (and related service quality) at the lowest cost possible. Consider Ericsson Cloud Manager in you want to:

  • Reduce time to market. Create services by reusing internal resources.
  • Optimize resource utilization. Scale-out and scale-in services in relation to demand and orchestrate the provisioning of services onto virtualized resources, either owned or accessed from third parties, to achieve the lowest cost possible.
  • Offer service level agreements. Maintain stable, high levels of service quality as service complexity increases.
  • Benefit from a cohesive operational platform. Integrate with legacy systems and programmable networks.

Unlike competitors, Ericsson Cloud Manager is a cloud management system built upon a proven, carrier-grade software foundation that integrates to and stays in sync with any type of operational environment, and accommodates your requirements dealing with privacy, security and regulatory laws. Its dynamic, model-based provisioning features enable the fluid orchestration of automated and manual activities. Ericsson Cloud Manager leverages Ericsson leadership in OSS, network management and system integration.

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Preparing for the Future

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