Ericsson Cloud SDN

Ericsson Cloud SDN is a network virtualization solution providing seamless intra & inter-datacenter connectivity for virtual, physical and container based workloads. It uniquely combines an industrialized OpenDaylight controller with advanced routing capabilities. It is delivered as part of our NFVi solution and provides network automation services to NFV workloads.

Key features and benefits

Telecom operators' NFVi deployments must support a diverse set of applications including virtual network functions, OSS/BSS and operator IT. Automation is an important focus of Ericsson's NFVi offering. Some of the key automation features in Ericsson Cloud SDN that result in shorter service activation times and lower risk of human error are:

- Datacenter network configuration
- Establishing connectivity of telecom workloads across multiple datacenters
- Orchestrating network security per tenant or virtual machine
- Automation of connectivity between legacy bare metal services and the virtualization domain
- Support for multiple networking technologies such as layer 2/3 VPNs

Ericsson Cloud SDN is built on OpenDaylight and Open vSwitch, which guarantees the dynamics of an open source ecosystem that leverages participation across the industry.

Ericsson Cloud SDN adopts an architecture with a centralized routing control plane in the cloud SDN controller, along with distributed forwarding planes in the cloud SDN switch. This architecture enables full routing capabilities and high performance virtual switching to be offered as part of Ericsson's NFVi solution.

Ericsson Cloud SDN key technical capabilities:

- Supports industry leading OpenStack distributions and Kubernetes
- Overlay networking solution for distributed datacenter and hybrid clouds
- Seamless inter-working with enterprise and service provider BGP/VPN & IP/MPLS WAN infrastructure
- Open integration with industry standard datacenter fabrics and switches

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