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Systems Integration

Design, build and integrate IT and Cloud solutions while saving valuable time and resources.

Significant change is underway in the telecom and IT industries, driven by digital transformation. To meet new demands, operators are digitizing operations, customer engagement and services. These efforts come as they plan for network virtualization, cloud computing, all-IP networks, 5G mobility and new digital business and operations systems. As a result, operators have more than a full plate.

New networks, and digital operations and business support systems (OSS and BSS) must be integrated into existing environments. Ericsson Systems Integration services and capabilities supports this need via seamless design, build and integration of new IT and cloud & virtualized network solutions. This includes everything from transforming technical environments to implementing processes and guiding organizational changes. We also use analytics to extract invaluable business insights around customer engagements, marketing and digital commerce.

Successfully Transform and Integrate Networks and IT Systems

Ericsson’s deep experience and end-to-end approach to Systems Integration services position operators to successfully pursue necessary network and digital transformations. We free operator teams to focus on opportunities and operational excellence, alleviating accompanying system and process complications. Ericsson can efficiently manage system consolidation in support of network, operations and business environment transformation. We can also simplify and speed the introduction of new digital services and technologies. Our extensive analytics capabilities enable companies to introduce and exploit new end-to-end customer engagement approaches and digital commerce.

Why Ericsson?

Ericsson’s consulting and systems integration experts execute a 1000+ projects a year globally, ranging in complexity from product upgrades to large-scale digital and network transformations. When designing customer solutions, we draw on a comprehensive toolbox that is proven in the field and continuously updated by our global delivery organization. Our methodologies and tools include enterprise architecture best practices, reference architectures, Ericsson hardware and software products, complementary third-party partners, software pre-integrations and use case development.

Systems Integration Services Areas

Digital Services: Business solutions and services for Internet of Things (IoT) and Value-added Services (VAS) transformations and modernized digital marketing.

Operations Support Systems: Ericsson transforms current OSS systems, organizations, processes and tools into cost-efficient and agile solutions that support customers and mange new generation networks and services.

Business Support Systems: Our experience and expertise help streamline and consolidate BSS systems, processes and tools and efficiently support new service launches and the introduction of new business models.

Customer Engagement, Commerce and Analytics: Ericsson combines Customer Relations Management (CRM), omni-channel customer experience, analytics and marketing offerings with products and services for the digital service provider.

IP Networking: A consulting and systems integration service approach is combined with product-near services and third-party partner solutions to enable operators and enterprises to deploy and design all-IP service offerings.

Telecom Core: Provides end-to-end, multivendor systems integration focused on VoLTE, Mobile Softswitch (MSS), User Data Management (UDM), IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and Packet Core solutions, at application and network levels.

5G Core Network Transformation services: Driven by use cases we identify target network architecture and operational impacts, perform cost/benefit analysis and create transformation plan. The deliverable will include a core network ready to capture the benefits of 5G and new business opportunities.


Customer Engagement, Commerce and Analytics

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Business Support Systems

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