Application Development and Modernization

Application Development and Modernization (ADM) is a set of service offerings provided by Ericsson to existing and new customers that address the maintenance, development and evolution of applications or application estates. Ericsson takes accountability for the operation, maintenance, development and, in increasing cases, modernization for the customer’s application estates. Through progressive evolution, we also help maximize the existing business application’s potential through rationalization and modernization solutions. In essence, "changing the wheel while the car is moving."

Efficiently evolve and maintain solutions and applications:

Accountability for IT applications is challenging. Increased costs, sourcing appropriate key skills, reducing time to market and driving predictable service levels are some of the challenges that every IT leadership team faces. Rapid growth in consumer demand and 24x7 anytime, anywhere access and increasing cross-channel practices are making applications more complex than before. New entrants are fully-digitized with the capability to deliver services and meet demand on the go. While many companies are aware of the pressing need to transform, few are confident of the steps required to become a digital company.

Companies with large and complex IT landscapes are continuously looking for a way to:

  • Significantly reduce IT costs while rationalizing and transforming their landscape.
  • Improve IT and business performances while embracing Agile 2.0 and DevOps and any other future methodologies and frameworks.
  • Manage critical skill demands and free up existing staff to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Accelerate deployments while retaining the stability and availability of applications.

Ericsson’s Application Development and Modernization services address the key aspects of complex multivendor applications, systems and infrastructure management. The efficiency and accuracy of Ericsson’s service delivery is constantly monitored and tuned so that service level agreements are upheld and business goals achieved.

Ericsson can help maximize return on investment, manage complexity and reduce risk by planning and executing applications and systems evolution. We can rationalize application portfolios to fit business needs. By managing the technology and the vendor ecosystem, risks are minimized, leaving time and resources available to focus on the front-end business.

In short, customers and potential customers looking for a trusted partner with a clear map and strong views of how to transform and digitize, developed through experience and blended with a passion for upholding the highest levels of application service on each customers’ estate can find this with Ericsson.

Why Ericsson?

Ericsson has combined its telecom and IT expertise and formed a global Application Delivery and Modernization initiative to address this important and growing area. We have formed a cross-functional focused team consisting of senior IT professionals to industrialize, grow and support this business. This team focuses on:

  • Building and maintaining an Application Modernization studio and associated assets to support interaction with partners and customers.
  • Supporting and shaping key Application Development and Modernization deals globally and enriching the expertise in the regions.
  • Offering support on key and strategic Application Development and Modernization opportunities globally through skilled resources and sales and presales tools.

ADM Services areas

Application management: Ericsson orchestrates application development, maintenance and testing, and performs configuration management, release management, change management, service level agreement management and program management to ensure that service levels are high and predictable.

Application maintenance: Ericsson efficiently maintains and supports applications utilizing tools, techniques and key skills built over many years of upholding the levels of service delivered to end customers.

Application modernization: Ericsson evaluates the state of applications in complex IT ecosystems, identifies the potential to modernize using Ericsson value add tools and techniques and determines a course of action in collaboration with our customer to evolve the application portfolio, all the time upholding customer KPI’s.

Application development: Taking accountability for end-to-end development on both Ericsson and non-Ericsson applications. Our delivery capability has been built over many years enabling us to draw on scarce skills and deliver the right skill at the right time in the right place.

Total quality assurance: Ericsson can offer a complete Quality Assurance portfolio ranging from single application test through to complete accountability for end-to-end customer experience. This offering leverages a range of tools and techniques (such as automation and crowd) to deliver and is underpinned by a professional governance model capable of controlling input from internal and third party teams.