Ericsson BSCS iX 18


BSCS iX 18 is a convergent, end-to-end billing and customer care system for any type of communications service provider; mobile, fixed-line, broadband, TV provider, content provider and OTT (Over The Top).

BSCS iX 18 is the newest release of a market leading and award winning convergent billing and customer care product that has technologically evolved over the last years.

It offers an unrivalled combination of out-of-the box features with a high level of configurability. In keeping with the philosophy of Ericsson’s entire BSS portfolio its open state-of-the-art architecture is highly business adaptive, enabling stepwise modular upgrades in line with changes to the business environment.

It means BSCS iX 18 can meet the end-to-end requirements of entry level Communication Service Providers with high growth potential or can easily be integrated into the complex IT environment of mature businesses with highly demanding large-scale subscriber bases.

BSCS iX has currently more than 150 installations in 85 countries supporting over 400 million subscribers.

BSCS iX 18 facilitates advanced convergence in multiple dimensions, supporting all telecommunications technologies and global standards including the latest TAP/RAP, IMS specifications and it is prepared for 5G.

The new enhancements in BSCS iX 18 are focused on business innovation with the introduction of a modern payment engine. Operations will be more effective with the support of Re-Billing capabilities, as well as, better support of Corporate Customers. All these following higher security standards in the areas of vulnerability and robustness.

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