Ericsson Charging and Billing in One

Handle all customers and services in a real-time, streamlined, converged charging and billing system, covering prepaid and postpaid, voice and data, fixed and mobile, and retail and wholesale.

Charging and Billing in One is Ericsson's market leading, product catalog enabled, convergent charging and billing solution. It has evolved to meet operators increasing demand for end-to-end "best-in-suite" solutions that combine powerful business performance with cost efficient operations, management and deployment.

Charging and Billing in One provides the first steps in Digital Transformation, enabling convergence and the introduction of a powerful product catalog to drive efficiency, reduce TCO and time-to-market and promote innovation.

Charging and Billing in One also enables a later transformation to Revenue Manager, sharing business processes, product definitions, virtualization platform, and many software components with Revenue Manager. It allows operators to get immediate business benefits, while simplifying the later deployment of Revenue Manager.

Charging and Billing in One makes your IT a business enabler that helps you to efficiently reduce cost and with fast realization differentiate with new digital offers for your customers.

Ericsson Charging & Billing in One Overview

Operators need to offer service flexibility and choice as well as real-time service controls. At the same time, they need to reduce the complexity and cost of the IT environment that delivers it.

Ericsson Charging & Billing in One solves that problem. It’s a single real-time, highly flexible, end-to-end system that supports convergent charging and billing for all market segments – retail, wholesale, residential, corporate, prepaid, postpaid, voice and data, fixed and mobile.

Ericsson Charging & Billing in One hides complexity, so users can move seamlessly from one service to another and try them out as they choose. Customers get real-time policy control and a single bill to ensure there will be no unexpected charges. This convergent billing and charging system is product enabled, so marketers can use components to assemble new services and marketing initiatives and regain control of development, while reducing time to market. Both enterprise and individual customers can choose the payment and billing option that best suits their circumstances.

What is Ericsson Charging & Billing in One?

Charging & Billing in One offers a flexible evolution path to a fully convergent BSS environment, no matter what your starting point. Based on openness and public interfaces, it smoothly integrates with external systems like CRM, ERP and point-of-sale. The modular architecture lets you flexibly adapt to existing IT environments and meet business objectives. Real-time, end-to-end functionality lets you bring crucial accuracy and reliability to customer and partner charging and billing. The system scales to support more than 100 million subscribers in one installation, with true online charging capabilities, high rating flexibility and multiple-tier real-time pricing. Key features include:

  • Real-time Charging and Policy: Customers have end-to-end real-time service control for all services. They know when they exceed usage and financial thresholds, avoiding “bill shock,” and also can receive relevant real-time alerts with recommendations based on their usage.
  • Converged Billing and Customer Care: Operators can offer all services, mobile, fixed, broadband and TV, supported with a single, easy-to-read bill as well as a single point of customer care. It also comes pre-integrated with the intuitive Ericsson Telecom CRM product, which removes the obstacles to providing a superior customer interaction experience.
  • Service Agility: Integration with Ericsson Catalog Manager enables “building block” service creation and allows marketing departments to assemble products and offers from internal and partner components containing all product and service delivery information.
  • Service Choice and Flexibility: Customers can benefit from an unprecedented choice of offerings to meet their lifestyle and business needs, such as personalized service bundles, tiered pricing and shared plans, to support and control family and business usage.

Why Use Ericsson Charging & Billing in One?

Ericsson Charging & Billing in One is a market-leading system for real-time converged charging, billing and customer care. Consider Ericsson Charging & Billing in One if you want to:

  • Stimulate service usage: Gain clear real-time rating and simplified billing that can give customers the confidence to test and subscribe to new innovative services.
  • Reduce time to market: Easily assemble offers, discounts, promotions, new services and bundles from catalog components.
  • Improve customer service: Consolidate your customer information and reduce average call times, while letting customers handle their own accounts through self-care.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership: Gain a convergent solution that can mean TCO savings of up to 20%, and reduce integration costs with open and TMF-compliant interfaces.
  • Support greater IT consolidation: Reduce the number of systems you maintain and simplify IT.
  • Start on the road to Digital Transformation: Introduce catalog-driven business processes and data.