Ericsson Cloud and NFV infrastructure

In Cloud and NFV infrastructure, Ericsson provides proven and standards-based solutions to telecom operators while ensuring the evolution towards 5G. The benefits include short time to market for new services and low TCO with a pre-integrated and system verified NFVi solution. With distributed cloud we expand the possibilities of edge computing, using groundbreaking technology to create a unified approach across centralized, distributed and edge resources.

Telecom operators are under constant competitive pressure to deliver services with the speed, flexibility, and efficiency of the cloud, together with the deterministic behavior of telecom networks. Efficient rollout of new revenue-earning services is critical in an increasingly network-connected world. Operators must do this despite complex network infrastructure where islands of fixed function, legacy hardware devices reside alongside newer infrastructure running NFV and cloud workloads.

Read more below about our solutions and products for NFVi and cloud.



Ericsson NFVi solution enables operators to deploy virtual telecom, OSS, BSS, IT and media workloads with speed while keeping total cost of ownership low. By providing a pre-integrated, tested and ...


Cloud Execution Environment

Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment is the telecom-grade virtual infrastructure manager (VIM), based on OpenStack, in our proven NFVi solution.

Cloud SDN

Ericsson Cloud SDN is a network virtualization solution providing seamless intra & inter-datacenter connectivity for virtual, physical and container based workloads. It uniquely combines an ...

Hyperscale Datacenter System 8000

Ericsson HDS 8000 is a software-defined infrastructure system (SDI) based on Intel® Rack Scale Design, and is a key component in our NFVi solution together with Ericsson BSP 8100. It provides ...

BSP 8100

Ericsson BSP 8100 is a software-defined infrastructure system (SDI) and is a key component in our NFVi solution together with Ericsson HDS 8000. Ericsson BSP 8100 is our ...