Ericsson Enriched Messaging

Ericsson Enriched Messaging provides a seamless and cost efficient evolution path for traditional SMS and MMS services. It enables operators to easily extend their service coverage to VoLTE and WIFI and can enable a seamless SMS & MMS experience across multiple devices. More importantly, Ericsson Enriched Messaging provides a path to evolve these communication services and introduce chat, group messaging and content sharing services based on GSMA's Universal Profile for RCS services.

With Enriched messaging, operators can transform traditional telco messaging into a more attractive value proposition with the potential to sustain and extend the success of the SMS service. RCS-based messaging technologies have the potential to enable new monetization strategies that are not possible with SMS today. The Ericsson Enriched Messaging product is a necessary asset in your network for enabling a richer Business to consumer communication experience and unlocking the power of messaging as a platform.

Customer situation

Operators are evolving toward rich and differentiated communication services to meet the new and changing demands of end users. The revenue of generating de-facto standard of wireless messaging - SMS - is not only being challenged but is already surpassed by downloadable messaging/communication applications. There is a potential risk for the operators of gradually losing relevance towards their customers, and with that their long term chance to introduce new revenue streams from value adding services.

Messaging is also increasingly dominating the mobile experience. Studies show that consumers use messaging more than any other service on their smartphones. Messaging may well become the ideal channel for delivering content and value added services. The operator still has the largest community of users and the widest reach with SMS. Evolving this technology is crucial to the achievement of its greater potential.

Ericsson's offering

Enriched messaging enables operators to:

  • Leverage on key assets: interoperability and reachability
  • Evolve SMS and MMS toward new modern messaging services in accordance with GSMA Universal Profile for RCS, Joyn Blackbird and OMA CPM,
  • Unlock the power of messaging as a platform
  • Introduce SMS over IP for VoLTE & VoWIFI and secure the SMS and MMS service continuity
  • Extend the reach of SMS and MMS beyond the primary device and allow your subscribers to use these services seamlessly on secondary devices such as tablets and smart watches.
  • Offload your legacy messaging service equipment with a centralized cloud based messaging service offering
  • Address the messaging parts of a business communication offerings to enterprises

Main values

The most tested RCS Messaging-AS in the industry certified with the large majority of accredited clients and networks.
Pre-tested Ericsson E2E solution for VoLTE, WIFI-calling and RCS

Ericsson is an active contributor in GSMA and OMA, helping to shape the evolution of messaging technologies

Cloud-based deployment support

Multi-level Storage architecture to efficiently address the growing messaging and content sharing storage demand.