Ericsson Evolved Packet Gateway

Our high capacity Evolved Packet Gateway (EPG) has a rich feature set supporting a wide range of cellular service offerings and has achieved proven excellent in-service performance (ISP) figures, 99.999% during high traffic conditions. We believe it offers the best performance and footprint available on the market today, in both physical and virtual forms, at least doubling the authentic 'real-world' performance of any other packet gateway available today. This ensures a most environmental friendly deployment with an effective utilization ratio of power and cooling. 

We have unparalleled experience in the global deployment and operation of commercial LTE/EPC networks. More than 300 operators in 140 countries rely on our Evolved Packet Core solutions.

The EPG is a main node in the Evolved Packet Core and supports multi-access, GSM, WCDMA, LTE, 5G and interworks with Wi-Fi and CDMA with seamless transitions between the access types. The EPG is evolved continuously with new functionality, to support operators’ with new business opportunities and cost reductions. This includes innovations such as:

  • Continuous deployment through monthly deliveries
  • Integrated transparent TCP optimization providing superior user experiences
  • UE independent IPv6 transformation providing a smooth transition to an all IPv6 network
  • State of the art Deep Packet Inspection providing many possibilities for service and charging differentiation  
  • Inter Chassis Redundancy for maximum ISP and network robustness
  • Virtualization for common NFV/Cloud deployments with market leading capacity
  • High user peak rates for best user experience with new devices emerging for LTE and 5G
  • Separation of Control and User plane for even more flexible network deployments
  • Differentiate offerings making use of Charging, Policies, QoS and Slicing capabilities

Using the Ericsson SSR platform, the EPG is capable of meeting the most aggressive traffic growth predictions. It provides superior scalability and capacity, allowing operators to capitalize on their investments.

The Deep Packet Inspection and Service Classification features detect different types of traffic and can be used for traffic shaping purposes under different network load conditions. This enhances the user experience resulting in innovative business models and greater user satisfaction and loyalty.

Ericsson virtual EPG provides feature parity with the physical EPG. In combination with a split of control plane and user plane, there is a smooth transition to a cloud environment while prolonging the life. This means that it perfectly well can interact with the physical network. This is critical in cases of overlaid networks as well as hybrid networks i.e. during the transition from physical to cloud environments. Moreover, it is entirely based on Open source standards and forms a natural part of Ericsson Virtual EPC and Cloud system. The virtual EPG has been optimized for cloud operation and provides unprecedented capacity.