IP Edge

The IP Edge comprises the systems and functions that deliver a high QoE for the services that end-users demand. These systems are placed between the metro and the core or more precisely at the edge of the IP core. It is at this point in the network where a convergence of multiple services occurs.

Transformation & Modernization

Ericsson's IP Edge products are key network elements that implement our vision of a networked society, using our 4th Generation IP leadership. By the end of this decade, Ericsson predicts that the number of devices connected to the network will surpass a staggering 50 billion. The IP Edge must be capable of supporting the massive number of connected devices and the avalanche of expected data traffic.

They must be able to deliver services that consumers and businesses demands, with a high level of QoS. Consumers and businesses demand fast, reliable connectivity and high QoE in content delivery regardless of geography and mobility. Therefore, service providers must be equipped with the right systems and solutions to be able to address these challenges. Ericsson's IP Edge products are capable of addressing these challenges.


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