Ericsson Service Enablement

The rapid progress and innovation in digital services is improving our lives and our industries - every day, mobile operators are uniquely positioned to participate and fuel this innovation. Operators are in a unique position to enable their partners to unlock the full potential of tomorrow’s technology such as 5G and IoT and to create simple and secure end user services based on them. By combining different network assets and making them easily available for both internal and partner use, mobile operators can target new verticals, new industries and fulfil new consumer demands to move further up the value chain. Service enablement is a suite of offerings that helps telecom operators to accomplish this.

Sitting in between connectivity and applications, service enablement provides the means to free developers from needing low level data structure information, for the more traditional OSS and BSS APIs and also for the emerging Massive IoT APIs. By enabling device security and smooth network onboarding of devices, the subscriber experience can be enhanced and new sorts of devices can be enabled in the network.

There is a real opportunity for operators to use their OSS/BSS to extend their reach far beyond traditional mobile service offerings. Service enablement supports the flexibility, agility and responsiveness needed to innovate and drive operator differentiation.


Converged Service Studio

Ericsson Converged Service Studio

Speed value added service creation, orchestration and deployment by using service components from Ericsson Converged Service Studio.

Unified Service Exposure

Service enablement that lets you share assets with partners to create profitable services

Use the Ericsson Unified Service Exposure service enablement solution to share key assets with partners for the creation of innovative services that open new revenue streams.


Composition Engine

Grow and evolve your Value Added Services business

Create innovative new services and share key assets to open new revenue streams with Ericsson Composition Engine, part ...

Multiservice Delivery Platform

The Ericsson Multiservice Delivery Platform is a business platform enabling customer interaction over digital channels, this is the final release as the product is in Phase Out. New sales is only ...