Ericsson Service Number Application enables telecom operators to support ente"/>

Ericsson Service Number Application

Ericsson Service Number Application enables telecom operators to support enterprise customers with a highly featured and flexible service number offering at extreme short time to market. With the layered provisioning approach in SNA, operators can limit their effort for introducing new service numbers, while companies will benefit from direct control on their own settings and immediate performance feedback on the service numbers they have in use.

Ericsson Service Number Application allows network operators to efficiently serve the enterprise  market based with flexible and attractive ways of communication in the B2C segment.

With SNA there is virtually no limit to the service number functionality as provided by the operator. Most used SNA based service number variants on the market are:

Premium Rated Information Services
Free Phone Numbers
Universal Access Numbers
Company specific services (like taxi and transportation services)
Temporary or Privacy Numbers
Universal Personal Numbers
Taxi s& delivery ervices
National number correction and short code handling for inbound roamers 

Service numbers clearly stimulate chargeable traffic in the operators network. In mature markets this already accounts for 4 to 8% of the total traffic in the network, while analyst reports clearly indicate a year on year growth. With a Service Number Application based offering the operator gets a crucial and profitable role in the value chain between companies and their customers.

Ericsson Service Number Application is based on the Ericsson Composition Engine, Ericsson’s strategic platform for Next Generation IN Applications. The platform provides crucial functionality for carrier grade performance link redundancy, high scalability and high availability. State of the art and commonly accepted integration points ensure easy introduction and deployment of Ericsson Service Number Application in the operator domain.