Ericsson SGSN-MME

Our high capacity SGSN-MME includes a wide range of customer requested features and has achieved proven excellent in-service performance (ISP) figures during high traffic conditions.

We have unparalleled experience in the global deployment and operation of commercial LTE/EPC networks. There are to date more than 300 Packet Core networks worldwide including our SGSN-MME.

The SGSN-MME supports multi-access, GSM, WCDMA, LTE and interworks with Wi-Fi and CDMA. The SGSN-MME is evolved continuously to incorporate new functionalities, which helps operators’ new business opportunities and cost reductions. This includes innovations such as:

• Continuous deployment through monthly deliveries
• Optimization and Control of device signalling
• Mobility-based Policy for optimized network use and enhanced propositions to new customer segments
• IoT initiatives including UE Power Saving Mode that enables +10 years battery life
• Geo-redundancy pooling for maximum ISP and network robustness
• O&M for high availability and efficient operations
• Virtualization for common NFV/Cloud deployments

Using the Ericsson Blade System MkX platform, the SGSN-MME is capable of meeting the most aggressive traffic growth predictions. It provides superior scalability, supporting up to 36 million users per node and up to 2300 million users when deployed in a pooled configuration.

Ericsson’s virtual SGSN-MME is using the same SW base as the native/physical SGSN-MME which secures the same level of functionality. This means that it perfectly well can interact with the native network. This is critical in cases of an overlaid network as well as hybrid network i.e. during the transition from native to cloud environments. Moreover, it is entirely based on Open source standards and forms a natural part of Ericsson Virtual EPC and Cloud system.

Today Ericsson SGSN-MME is the world's most widely deployed SGSN/MME. We now take the next step towards 5G through the support of 5G Radio support and 5G terminals (3GPP Option 3) and 5G-CN initiatives in 3GPP.

Supports all access types (GSM, WCDMA, LTE, Wi-Fi and CDMA)

The SGSN-MME supports multi-access, GSM, WCDMA, LTE incl. 5G-EPC Option 3, and interworks with both Wi-Fi and CDMA.

Fast delivery of functions (monthly releases)

SGSN-MME is released every month with continuous function growth for operators. With monthly deliveries there is virtually no waiting time (max 1 month) between a feature is ready at Ericsson and it is available to customer.  This dramatically reduces TTM for customers.

Extremely powerful and fully scalable  (1000 SAU to 50 MSAU per NF)

Ericsson SGSN-MME is fully scalable and can be deployment  in any scenario  between small-scale local installations (1000 subscriber) to large data centers (50 million subscribers). Combined with pool SGSN-MME supports up to 2300 million subscribers. Applicable both for physical and virtual deployment of SGSN-MME.

Versatile with 100% interworking (PNF and VNF deployment)

SGSN-MME support full interworking between any physical and virtual deployment. Customer can choose freely and mix any combination of PNF and VNF with consistent feature set.

Secured and proven robustness

Our SGSN-MME is deployed at 300 customers and have been hardened in field +15 years. Is has well proved robustness and includes Ericsson unique functionality such as Geographically Redundant pool which secures end-user service for virtually any type out outage.