Signaling Routing

LTE roaming, VoLTE, Policy control and security related challenges and market demands are solved and realized for customers via Ericsson's Signaling Routing portfolio. Products such as DSC maximize performance and throughput in the network while keeping it safe from signaling threats.

In many networks there is a need for shifting from a distributed handling of the network signaling topology onto a more centralized topology. One reason for moving from a distributed to a centralized topology would be the OPEX reduction it leads to when the number of signaling peers at a certain point in time becomes troublesome to maintain and configure. Another reason would be that a centralized topology enables a central point for tracing and monitoring of the signaling type in question. A third reason would be the need for hiding and securing the internal network topology from the outside world by establishing a signaling interconnect point at the border of the own network.

Ericsson offers two different signaling concentration nodes: Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) and IP-Signaling Transfer Point (IP-STP). 

Start preparing for the future - Our IP-STP and DSC are solid corner stones for all signaling networks!


Diameter Signaling Controller

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IP Signalling Transfer Point

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