Ericsson Software Defined Infrastructure

Ericsson Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) system is based on Intel® Rack Scale Design and is a key component in our system-verified NFVI solution. It provides a common managed hardware pool for all NFV workloads that can be dynamically scaled and provide multiple environments to enable fast service rollout, performance optimization and efficient hardware utilization.

Increasing infrastructure flexibility through vPODs

One key feature of Ericsson SDI is vPOD which is using the common hardware pool to dynamically create sets of compute and storage hardware that are logically isolated from one another on the network. The common hardware pool can, thanks to the vPOD feature, be used for telecom and IT type of applications; applications in cloud, appliances, containers or bare metal environments, across different organizations; with tenant separation.

The vPODs can be used by operators to quickly set up multiple hardware environments to support NFVI with optimized performance and utilization. This capability can be used to support the implementation of pre-production environments replicating the production environment, e.g. when introducing a new application. Another use-case is to create separate environments for different parts of the organization. All of this can be done using a common pool of hardware managed entirely by the Ericsson SDI Manager and SDI Networking. The benefits are a fast deployment of new services, improved operational efficiency and better utilization of the hardware.

Components in Ericsson Software Defined Infrastructure system

Ericsson Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) (formerly Ericsson HDS 8000 system) is a system product where the SDI Manager and SDI Networking software together with HDS 8000 hardware creates a unique value proposition for telecom operators.

Ericsson SDI Manager
The SDI Manager (formerly Ericsson Command Center) not only provides hardware management, it is also the centerpiece in managing the vPOD setup including tenant management. It manages both Ericsson HDS 8000 hardware as well as compute and storage hardware from our approved vendors.  An open RedFish North bound interface provides a common integration point for Ericsson and other vendors’ hardware in the common pool. 

Ericsson SDI Networking
The SDI Networking software (formerly Ericsson HDS Networking) is, together with the Ericsson NRU (Networking Rack Unit) hardware, providing the networking logic to logically separate the common hardware pool into vPODs.

Ericsson HDS 8000 Hardware
The Ericsson HDS 8000 hardware family includes state of the art hardware for compute, storage and network. It provides the efficiency and performance levels needed for all operator needs. Please see the data sheets in the downloads section for more information.

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