Ericsson Security Manager

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Ericsson Security Manager provides unique policy-driven security orchestration and management coupled with its powerful analytics capabilities. Security Manager is an essential part of evolved networks where security functions, policies and related configurations are dynamically deployed and adjusted across multi-vendor domains whether its NFV, 5G or Internet of Things (IoT).

Ericsson Security Manager Overview

New advanced threats are emerging associated with every layer of the society. They continue to compromise IT systems, organizations and individuals on global level. The security risks are increasing due to end-point vulnerabilities, concerns in critical network infrastructures and emerging cloud technologies with shared capabilities. Regulatory requirements on privacy, data protection and security auditing are increasing the need for new approaches to managing security and privacy compliance.

To mitigate these threats and requirements, organizations are looking for solutions that can automatically harden, continuously monitor and detect threats and intrusions in their critical IT systems – without the need for large security operations.

Ericsson Security Manager offers automated, real time, contextual security management based on customizable, policy based automation of security operations. It supports out of the box security for cloud operations, enterprises, physical and virtual networks and digital support solutions.

What is Ericsson Security Manager

Ericsson Security Manager provides policy based automation of security configuration, assurance, monitoring and governance functions required by modern ICT business. In order to efficiently address the dynamicity and flexibility of such an environment, the Security Manager provides policy driven adaptive protection where network service providers and enterprises can monitor and ensure security policy fulfilment including security status visibility and policy compliance audit reporting.

Security Manager performs continuous protection including advanced analytics, which can turn data into powerful security insights and actions, covering vulnerabilities, threats, risks and fraud events. To ensure quick response to any identified threats and anomalies, a high degree of automation is offered.

Contextual Security Management

Why use Ericsson Security Manager

The current spot-like management of security solutions will converge into adaptive and unified security management with security policy driven protection. Network service providers and enterprises can leverage end-to-end network and application knowledge for securing the assets across all contexts.

Ericsson Security Manager leverages Ericsson’s leadership and expertize in digital support solutions, network management, system integration, security functions and all context domains, which shall be protected.

End to End Adaptive Security Engine

Ericsson Security Manager is positioned for a single context domain or across multiple domains covering end-to-end security:

  • Monitoring and ensuring security policy fulfilment, including security visibility & compliance audit reports
  • Performing continuous protection: threat, vulnerability, fraud & risk analytics, automated remediation
  • Flexible adaptation to different contexts, emerging threats and visualization requirements

Automated Security Policy Compliance

Ericsson Security Manager offers policy driven security, which can automatically identify new assets from highly dynamic environment and configure them according to the defined security policies and baseline.

Many events occur at real time dynamically for example in the cloud, and manual approach is not possible. Therefore, automation, but also the compliance, must be verified at each step.

Security Manager allows both Service Providers and end-users to demonstrate compliance to security standards and Baseline Requirements on different levels.

Real Time Threat & Vulnerability Intelligence

Ericsson Security Manager goes beyond a traditional SIEM (Security Information Event Management) with security policies driven advanced analytics and configuration management features which makes rapid detection and responses to emerging attacks and breaches possible.

Security Manager carries out collection of data from the defined contexts and utilizes the context specific expertize by Ericsson for actionable insights, i.e. enabling prescriptive analytics and intelligence.

Combined Security and Fraud Management

Ericsson Security Manager supports combined security and fraud management. It uses advanced analytics to detect threat and fraud attacks in near real-time, minimizes false positives and provides continuous visibility and up-to-date security status of the network.

These combined capabilities provide direct business value when the assets and data are merged under a single pane of glass and less dedicated tools are needed.

Visibility and Ease of Use

Ericsson Security Manager is designed for attractive visibility with a single pane of glass view including reporting capability for different contexts, in a single domain and across domains, and supporting broad range of insights based on the big data.

All data and functionality is available through an intuitive User Interface as well as via RESTful APIs.

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