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Border and Area Security

More and more nations are turning to Ericsson to help develop and deploy networks to secure their borders.


Every day, millions of people and tones of goods cross borders all over the globe. One of the primary interests of every nation is to establish and maintain secure borders, thus ensuring everything from public safety to the collection of taxes and duties on imported and exported goods.
More and more authorities are turning to Ericsson to assist in maintaining the integrity of their borders, collecting and transmitting data via different kinds of sensors and transmitting it via dedicated networks.


Ericsson’s Border and Area Security (BAS) solution consists of a technical system with associated border and coastal management services, trained and qualified operational personnel, a set of operational procedures, and a dedicated Concept of Operations (ConOps). All of this can be tailored and adapted to different threat levels, border topographies, and national laws and regulations.
In the system, information is collated and sent back to dedicated control centers, and decisions can be made about the deployment of resources to ensure safety and security of the area.
Key features of the BAS include:
• Connectivity
• Integration with various roles and stakeholders
• Observation towers
• Perimeter Security Systems
• Mobile Monitoring and Response Units


Ericsson is at the cutting edge of the development of the Networked Society, where everything that can benefit from being connected will be connected.
Our solutions offer high bandwidth and reliable communication, regardless of location. We design optimized solutions that address the identified challenges based on a proven analysis process. We address these challenges using the best available technologies with product agnostic approach.
Ericsson systems maximize operational benefits at a given cost, giving governments and taxpayers value for money. As a global prime system integrator, Ericsson takes responsibility for delivering with precision and quality.
Our strong local presence around the world, coupled with our global expertise and our long-standing reputation as an ethical company, makes Ericsson the perfect partner for many state agencies.


Choosing Ericsson gives access to:
• Industry-leading hardware, software and training
• Unrivalled experience of networking technologies and large-scale projects
• Experience of deployment in inaccessible and maritime locations
• Flexible, powerful systems for monitoring automatic alarms
• A wide range of sensors and sensor technologies such as infra-red, radar and motion sensors
• Optimal use of communications resources
• Technology-agnostic integration capabilities
• Control over total cost of ownership

Ericsson in Public Safety

A safe and secure society

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