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Ericsson Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent Transport Systems from Ericsson provide a total connectivity solution responding to specific needs for road, rail & metro, mobility service providers and transport terminals.

The future of transport is Connected, Cooperative and Automated. Ericsson co-innovates with clients to build connected transport infrastructure, create systems that best utilize data, and design automated processes that keep things moving smoothly.


Mobility Service Providers

The way we travel is entering an era of rapid transformation. Private cars, and the way we use them today, is not considered a sustainable solution in cities with growing challenges with ...

Rail and Metro

What could be more demanding than a modern railway or metro system?

Operators face a highly competitive transport marketplace, strict regulatory requirements, critical public expectations, ...


We have already entered the era where everything and everyone that moves is connected: cars, trains, buses and goods, even pedestrians and cyclists.  As urban growth continues and the need ...

Transport Terminals

Transport terminal operators are turning to Ericsson for end-to-end solutions that transform the passenger journey. Ericsson terminal solutions focus on Open Enterprise Connectivity - powered by ...