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We have already entered the era where everything and everyone that moves is connected: cars, trains, buses and goods, even pedestrians and cyclists.  As urban growth continues and the need for transport only increases, a better utilization is needed of the limited resources (road capacity, time, fuel, vehicles and labor). A better collaboration across this ecosystem has benefits for all. For society it means safer roads, more efficient traffic and less emissions. For transport-dependent companies it also means cost reduction and improved utilization.

Ericsson's new approach to intelligent traffic management is boosting this collaboration. By providing authorities, cities and transport companies the ability to aggregate and analyze diverse, real-time data from connected vehicles, infrastructure and devices, these insights are turned into action.

Road technology is scalable with Ericsson's connected services, seamlessly integrating all aspects of the road and transport ecosystem in real time.


Connected Urban Transport

Every minute of the day, a huge volume of traffic- and transport-related data is generated by road equipment, vehicles and travelers. Many organizations are dependent on this data to optimize ...

Telecom Package

The Telecom Package consists of the fundamental telecom equipment needed when realizing Information and Communications Technology projects in the Transport industry.
Particularly in ...