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Smart Metering

Ericsson’s smart metering services combine Ericsson’s leading technologies and unparalleled communication network experience to help the utility industry improve operational efficiency and increase customer value.

In the Networked Society, everything that can be connected will be connected. And with the rise of connected “things”, the need for automated metering solutions also rises. Whether driven by regulatory requirements or an ambition to boost operational efficiency, utilities need greater insights about and control of their grids. In Europe, for example, smart metering is vital for reaching the 2020 energy efficiency targets. Smart meters are the cornerstone of the smart grid concept, enabling consumers to be more engaged and able to take control of their energy consumption, at the same time, helping utilities to optimize their operations.

What is Ericsson’s smart metering offering?

Applying our deep knowledge in IT and telecommunication, together with our extensive multivendor systems integration experience, Ericsson offers end-to-end solutions for managing smart meter deployments. Our offering comes in two main variants: systems integration and managed services.

We can provide everything that utilities need for a successful smart metering deployment, including meter provisioning, rollout, and communication solutions. Drawing on our vast experience as a managed services provider in telecom, we also offer smart metering as a service – either on site or from our Meter Operation Center, which is based on a highly versatile platform that handles all aspects of smart meter operations.

The demand for smart meters has so far been led by the electricity market. Now the momentum is building in the gas and water utilities markets, where Ericsson’s wireless expertise and experience is equally valuable.

So why choose Ericsson’s smart metering?

Ericsson’s smart metering solution offers a wealth of benefits for utility companies, consumers, and society as a whole, including.


• Regulatory compliance
• Increased operational efficiency
• Higher levels of customer information and insight
• Service enablement
• Commercial losses detection and prevention

• Greater engagement levels
• Savings from adapting consumption to different tariff schemas
• Flexible billing

• Reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint
• Improved outage management
• Better information to regulatory bodies.

So choose Ericsson? We are a full service provider in both IT and communication – the two most crucial domains for successful smart metering deployments. Ericsson’s customers benefit from our long history of delivering on large and complex projects – to date we have rolled out more 50 million smart meters. And you can count on our strong track record in managed services.