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Utilities companies are facing a disruptive transformation process driven by sustainability requirements and market liberalization. Responding to these challenges, utilities are substantially investing in ICT, ranging from Smart Grids / Metering deployments to complete IT transformation projects.

Our value propositions & offerings to the utilities are centered around Smart Grid Communications (connectivity to an increasing number of sensors & actuators in the electricity system, data backhauling, M2M platforms, integration of OSS and electricity grid management systems) and Smart Metering (M2M platforms to manage meter & communications, meter data collection & preparation for back-office systems).

Engagement models include Application Development & Maintenance (ADM), taking the role as Prime Contractor and Prime Integrator and providing managed platform or XaaS services, leveraging Ericsson’s service delivery capabilities as well as relevant products from BUGS, BUSS and BNET

Besides being a strong player in Smart Grid Communications, we are today a market leader in Smart Metering with more than 42 million meters connected to systems we are commercially engaged with. Adjecent offering areas related to Utilities Customer & Revenue Management, Critical Asset and Infrastructure Management and Grid Control are under development.

What is Ericsson’s utilities?

Ericsson is a natural choice as utilities bring more renewable energy sources online, open up to decentralized generation and connected homes, and push for greater  levels of operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.

So why choose Ericsson’s utilities?

Our offerings transform utilities by building new intelligence into legacy infrastructures, unlocking operational efficiencies, creating new competitive opportunities to drive service innovation, customer experience management and billing.


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