Ericsson IoT Accelerator Platform

Connectivity management

STL Partners quotes: Ericsson forecasts that, although the headline number of around 50 billion connected devices by 2020 will remain the same, just over 1 billion will use cellularIoT is a significant opportunity for operators, but they need to deliver more than connectivity.

In the transition to an increasingly global IoT world means that service providers will adjust their service offerings to utilize the combined strengths of near-ubiquitous connectivity, consumption based price models and improved device visibility. Ericsson Connectivity Management gives operators a hard-to-beat competitive edge.

IoT Accelerator and Connectivity Management

The business value of IoT comes from services that are adapted to local conditions everywhere and work seamlessly as devices move across borders, instantly installed, and connected. Just as the cloud needs to provide global reach, unified connectivity management is essential for real-world IoT deployments.

For enterprises to realize the full potential of innovation on a global scale and reap the benefits of a compelling IoT service experience, three requirements need to be fulfilled:

• Communication services that are easy to buy and use

• Connectivity management solutions that match their needs

• Visibility and manageability of every IoT device in real-time

As the foundation of the Ericsson IoT Accelerator framework, Ericsson Connectivity Management supplies operators with the end-to-end range of services needed, from subscription to actionable insights, by enterprises and OEMs. International businesses require multi-national agreements and cross-border connectivity management.

Ericsson Connectivity Management

Building, maintaining and operating IoT dedicated networks is investment intense and has a built-in operational expense over its lifetime. Telecom 3GPP standard networks are already available, requires minimal investments and poses the least risk for enterprises to harness the value of the IoT.

The ever-expanding eco-system of operators and partners using Ericsson Connectivity Management services can fulfil the global connectivity requirements for of enterprises.

Unique benefits of our Connectivity Management solutions:
  - We provide SLA-driven Connectivity Management solutions
  - GMA (Global M2M Association) and the Bridge alliance have standardized on Ericsson’s connectivity management, assuring standardization and longevity
  - We support the whole device lifecycle, from deployment to monetization B2B and B2C
  - Our revenue share, pay-as-you-grow, business model makes the future predictable

Already today, our connectivity management service is used by about 30 operators and supports about 3,000 enterprise customers globally. We work closely with our customers to help solve connectivity management challenges for enterprises in the selected industry sectors such as Automotive, Transport and Logistics.


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