Ericsson Off the shelf industry offerings

IoT Industry solutions

Internet of things is happening now. Hundreds of millions of devices are already connected and there are millions of opportunities and use cases. But how can the operators and end customers navigate in this jungle of opportunities?

Ericsson offers concrete, off the shelf IoT industry offerings that are powered by Ericsson’s horizontal IoT platform, IoT Accelerator. The IoT industry offerings are:

Operators across the globe are investing in cellular IoT networks and are trying out different IoT use cases that can add value to those investments. However, they see that the barriers to move up the IoT value chain is hindering their speed. There is a need for simplicity and that is what Ericsson can help the operators with.


Connected Fleet

Ericsson Connected Fleet enables vehicle makers, resellers, and owners with new opportunities to manage and optimize their business to take the lead in a fast changing industry.

Commercial ...

Connected Urban Transport, SW Setup

Connected Urban Transport Video

Connected Urban Transport automates the transport ecosystem of roads, vehicles, drivers and traffic management authorities. By uniting technology and markets, cities can solve traffic issues.

Connected Environmental Monitoring

Increased efficiency, monetization, innovation… These are some of the benefits of IoT. However, have you ever wondered if IoT can save people’s lives? An increasing population, ageing ...

Smart Wireless Manufacturing

Smart Wireless Manufacturing is the foundation to accelerate the 4th industrial revolution; transforming factories and plants with wireless technology (4G/5G). Secure wireless connectivity ...