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Ericsson Digital Support Systems

The evolution of Ericsson’s OSS/BSS portfolio for the digital era is now underway. With the functional distinction between OSS and BSS blurring, we are in the process of combining OSS and BSS capabilities into a single architecture, removing the operational separation between these domains.  Now at this pivotal juncture, we are compelled to rename our entire OSS/BSS portfolio to Digital Support Systems, or just DSS.

DSS is Ericsson’s answer to the call for a new generation of support systems in the digital era. One that addresses the digital operator’s need to serve the modern consumer through a service ecosystem and evolved infrastructure that bring to life software defined networking, virtualization, 5G and IoT. The digital operator now requires that customer-facing and network-facing IT functions become seamlessly integrated with virtually no separation between them. The Ericsson DSS evolution addresses all of these needs with a platform-based portfolio and broad set of software applications that together provide the foundation for the future with many offerings that Ericsson will bring to market.

Our current OSS/BSS portfolio leads the industry in terms of capabilities provided and functional breadth. Leveraging these products and our experience, we are building a DSS architecture with a platform-driven approach using common software components built natively for cloud while supporting many other deployment models. This approach will establish a single IT environment that comprises all OSS and BSS applications without duplication of information or functions. In this environment, for example, user data is stored in one centralized database, and there is clear stewardship specifying which function can read and write to the data.

Ericsson Digital Support Systems provide the key enablers to help the Digital Service Provider successfully:

  • Transform to a digital business both organizationally and technologically
  • Monetize new network capabilities with innovative business models
  • Seamlessly orchestrate virtual and physical services and resources
  • Facilitate automation and decision making through real time analytics.

As Ericsson moves forward with its DSS strategy, our current OSS/BSS products and solutions continue to solve the business and operational challenges of today and tomorrow.


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