Ericsson Content Acquisition

    Benefit from market-leading compression products and 24/7 worldwide support for your critical live events coverage with Ericsson's Acquisition solution.

    Take Advantage of the Highest Quality Content Available
    Live TV, watched by millions, is global and growing.  Its content is highly valued and enhanced picture quality is crucial.  News organizations, content owners, broadcasters, and service providers need to be able to capture and transmit live content from remote or outside venues into studios and over ad-hoc satellite or fiber links with simplicity and ease.

    Based on Ericsson's Emmy award winning MPEG-4 AVC technology, the Content Acquisition solution offers a unique combination of multiple compression and transmission technologies.  Its future-ready architecture enables upgrades and expansions as businesses grow.  It is also the only solution on the market to support all main codecs including MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and JPEG2000, in 4:2:0 8-bit or 4:2:2 10-bit.


    What is Ericsson's Content Acquisition Solution?

    Part of our Video Contribution and Distribution family, the Ericsson Content Acquisition solution includes the AVP 3000 Voyager, the AVP 2000 Contribution Encoder, and the RX8200 Advanced Modular Receiver.  Delivering multi-codec, multi-format and multi-channel operations, the AVP 3000 Voyager is suited to ad-hoc events where content needs to be acquired at remote locations.  It is ideal for live news, sports, and entertainment.

    The AVP 2000 Contribution Encoder is suitable for planned events captured over fixed infrastructures.  A modular, hot swappable design gives it maximum operational flexibility and productivity with new levels of density.  The RX8200 Advanced Modular Receiver is a configurable multi-codec platform with DVB-S2 satellite, IP and ASI connectivity options.  It serves as the perfect complement to the AVP 3000 Voyager.

    Key features of Ericsson's Content Acquisition solution include:

    • Extensive support.  Supoprts the widest range of resolutions, from sub-SD through HD to 1080p50/60, 3D and now even UHDTV (4K).
    • Highly adaptable.  A flexible architecture enables content acquisition over satellite or fiber from a single platform.
    • Future-ready.  AVP3000 and RX8200 are DVB-S2X capable, RX8200 is HEVC ready.
    • Compact footprint.  Fully integrated solution to minimize rack space and power consumption.
    • Versatile.  A hot-swappable modular architecture minimizes downtime.

    Why Ericsson?
    Ericsson has nearly 20 years of experience in Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG).  Its Content Acquisition solution combines best-in-class products from the company's Video Processor and Integrated Receiver Decoder families with its professional services such as 24/7 global support from the Compression Services organization.

    Consider Ericsson's Content Acquisition solution if you want to:

    • Put quality first.  Cover the most demanding events in the highest available quality at 1080p60 10-bit resolution, in 4:2:2 compression.
    • Grow your business.  A future-ready architecture means you can easily upgrade and expand as your business grows to cover even more DSNG applications.
    • Customize your delivery.  Deliver broadcasters a customizable balance beween quality, bandwidth, efficiency and latency.
    • Gain global support.  Worldwide 24/7/365 support services with presence in 180 countries.
    • Maximize your investment.  A re-purposable solution means you can use it in any environment regardless of location and technology, resulting in a greater return on investment.

    Related Products

    Video Processing
    The AVP 3000 Voyager by Ericsson is the latest incarnation of the market leading Voyager product for live news, sports and entertainment, delivering multi-codec, multi-format and multi-channel operations.  It is suited to ad-hoc events where content needs to be acquired at remote locations.

    The AVP 2000 Contribution Encoder is a new and advanced video processing platform for contribution and distribution applications, suitable for planned events being captured over fixed infrastructures.  Modular hot swappable design gives maximum operational flexibility and productivity with new levels of density.

    Content Reception
    The RX8200 Advanced Modular Receiver builds on the success of our previous generations of receivers. It is the perfect complement to the capabilities of the AVP 3000 Voyager. The RX8200 is a configurable multi-codec platform with DVB-S2 satellite, IP and ASI connectivity options.

    The Ericsson Content Acquisition solution is unique in the market by pairing the most technologically advanced products with best-in-class global services. This combination provides complete reassurance to our customers when dealing with acquisition of highly valuable content and coverage of the most demanding events.