Ericsson Content Exchange

    Ericsson Content Exchange

    Content Exchange Solution: The distribution of content delivered from one location to another over either satellite or fiber in the highest possible production quality using Ericsson's Content Exchange solution.

    Receive and Distribute high quality content

    While content moves from one location to another during the production process, it is essential that the content is maintained at the highest possible quality, as typically during the process it passes through numerous concatenations - each potentially impacting on picture quality.

    Ericsson's Content Exchange Solution offers content owners and service providers the ability to cover a broad range of events, ranging from coverage of a local news story from a remote studio (in MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 4:2:0) to coverage of a major sports event in prestigious 4K UHDTV (in MPEG-4 AVC HD 4:2:2 10-bit precision in 1080p50/59.94 resolution).  The solution ensures content owners can deliver high quality content efficiently and with minimal delay over fiber or satellite links over a managed network - or alternatively, cost effectively where network connectivity is over un-managed networks.

    What is Content Exchange Solution?

    Part of our Video Contribution and Distribution family, the Ericsson Content Exchange solution functions between various facilities over fixed fiber or satellite links on a managed network.  Ericsson's Content Exchange Solution provides best-in-class video processing, multiple network support and offers comprehensive control and management with the ability to exchange and move content at the highest possible production quality.

    Key Content Exchange Solution features include:

    • Support for multiple workflows.  The same equipment can be re-purposed to minimize CAPEX and greatly increase flexibility.
    • Scalability.  Uniquely scalable from basic point-to-point interconnectivity to larger point-to-multipoint systems.
    • Cross platform support.  Performs at the highest level over multiple platforms with high efficiency and minimal delay.

     Content Exchange Overview

    Why Ericsson?

    Content Exchange systems offer a range of solutions that maintain and deliver the highest quality content from one location to another location, or locations, reliably over the most appropriate network connection.  Systems are designed to simplify complex operations and are scalable to meet future changing business needs.  As IP continues to transform the broadcast environment, new solutions are being added to the solution area that enable customers to deliver innovative solutions including remote production and use of un-managed networks.

    Consider Content Exchange solution if you want to:

    • Ensure seamless delivery.  Delivers content over satellite links or managed or un-managed fiber links.
    • Simplify Configuration.  Equipment can be configured from front panel or as systems expand through control platform to suit operator's changing business needs.
    • Reduce downtime.  Hot-swappable modular architecture and optional dual power supplies to minimize solution downtime.
    • Be sure of global support.  24/7 worldwide support services with presence in 180 countries.
    • Support highest resolutions.  Support for the highest resolutiosn including 4KP50/59.94 UHDTV.

    Related Products

    Video Processing
    The AVP 2000 Contribution Encoder is designed for the evolving requirements of today’s broadcasters and network operators with support for multiple codecs and network interfaces. It is the ideal solution for the whole spectrum of high resilience to high density requirements. The AVP 2000 supports a comprehensive range of processing options in the form of hot-swappable modules.

    Content Reception
    The RX8200 Advanced Modular Receiver builds on the success and knowledge of previous generations of receiver products to ensure an unrivalled level of quality and reliability. The RX8200 is a configurable multi-codec platform with DVB-S2 satellite, IP and ASI connectivity options which makes it viable for several market segments.

    Network Adaptation
    The AVP 1000 Network Adapter provides the ability to interface between different network topologies, enabling operators to expand or upgrade their infrastructures gradually and most efficiently. It provides conversion between IP and ASI, as well as resiliency with dual power supplies and support for forward error correction (FEC).  The AVP 1000 can be easily upgraded to other products in the AVP family.

    Control and Management
    nCompass provides complete management for both small and large broadcast head-ends.  Its capabilities include flexible configuration, full system monitoring and system redundancy. It is equally suited to satellite, cable, terrestrial and IPTV applications. Powerful re-multiplexing capabilities make it perfect for digital turn-around. nCompass Connector is used for monitoring and control over IP, where nCompass Director is used for over air control in satellite applications.

    Customers can benefit from the end to end systems integration and support offered by Ericsson’s services organization.  With over 20 years of expertise in video compression technology, we are able to support all transmission networks, with content in any format, ranging from 3D to Ultra-High Definition TV (4K), in 1080p60 resolutions.